The MIB for providing information about Distributed Short
Message Routing for Short Message Service Center.  This 
MIB will provide information used to control and measure 
SS7 messages signalling units in a SS7 Network. Message
Signalling Units are routed based on information found
in the SCCP, TCAP, MAP, and MAP-user layers.  It uses
information from these layers to make customizable 
routing decision based on the following criteria.

- message A-address (origination SME)
- message B-address (destination SME)
- protocol identifier 
- operation code
- called party address
- calling party address

The Cisco IP Transfer Point (ITP) is a hardware 
and software solution that transports SS7 traffic 
using IP.  Each ITP node provides function similar
to SS7 signalling point.   

The Distributed Short Message Routing will be developed in 
compliance to the following standards.

- GSM MAP v1, v2 and v3  MO SMS formats
- GSM MAP SMS user information for MO messages
- IS-41 MAP Mobile Originated SMS formats for 
  Revisions A thru D.

Acronyms and Terms
A-address  The originating SME of the short message.

AO         Application Originated (synonymous with FO). 
           This term is used to refer to an SMS 
           message that is being sent from an 
           application to the SMSC, typically over 
           SMPP.  Traffic alerts, stock quotes, 
           sports updates are typically AO.

ANSI-41    ANSI standard for defining cellular radio 
           telecommunications inter-system operation.  
AT         Application Terminated (synonymous with FT).
           This term is used to refer to an SMS message
           that is being sent to an application from 
           the SMSC, typically over SMPP.  Voting 
           traffic is typically AT.
B-address  The destination SME of the short message.

BCH        Binary Coded Hexadecimal

CdPA       The SCCP Called Party Address field.

CgPA       The SCCP Calling Party Address field.

ESME       External Short Message Entity.  

DSMR       Distributed Short Message Routing

FO         Fixed Originated (synonymous with AO)

FT         Fixed Terminated (synonymous with AT)

GSM        ITU standard for defining the Global 
           System for Mobile communications.  
GTT        Global Title Translation.  A function 
           normally performed in an STP, GTT is the 
           procedure by which the destination 
           signalling point and subsystem number(SSN)
           is determined from GTA digits (i.e., the 
           global title) present in the signalling
IMEI       International Mobile Equipment Identity

IMSI       International Mobile Station Identity or  
           International Mobile Subscriber Identity
           A mobile station identifier typically 
           used in GSM networks, but is also defined
           for use in IS-41 networks via IS-751.
IS-41      ANSI standard for defining cellular radio
           telecommunications inter-system operation.  
           Unless otherwise stated, this refers to 
           the IS-41-D specification.
MAP        SS7 Mobile Application Part.  This layer 
           provides mobility procedures to SS7 
           network applications.  MAP is generically
           used to refer to both GSM-MAP, and the 
           IS-41-D MAP Protocol.

MC         Message Center.  Network element responsible
           for relaying and store-and-forwarding of 
           short messages in ANSI-41 networks.  
MDN        Mobile Directory Number.  A 10-digit North 
           American Numbering Plan number assigned to
           mobile users in IS-41 networks.  It may be 
           different from the MIN.
MIN        Mobile Identification Number.  The 10-digit
           North American Numbering Plan number 
           assigned to mobile users in IS-41 networks.  
           It may be different from the MDN.
MLR        Multi-layer Routing          

MO         Mobile Originated.  This term is used to
           refer to an SMS message that is being 
           sent from an MS to the SMSC.
MS         Mobile Subscriber.
MS         mobile station  

MSU        Message Signal Unit 

MT         Mobile Terminated.  This term is used to 
           refer to an SMS message that is being 
           sent from an SMSC to an MS. 

MTP        Message Transfer Part 
           MTP1   Layers 1 (physical) 
           MTP2   Layer  2 (data) and 
           MTP3   Layer  3 (network) 

M2PA       SS7 MTP2-User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation 
           Layer specified by the IETF SIGTRAN 
           working group, which provides SCTP/IP 
           based links for MTP3.

M3UA       SS7 MTP3 User Adaptation Layer specified
           by RFC 3332 for MTP3 users like ISUP.

RR         Round Robin.  A balancing algorithm that 
           evenly distributes traffic among 
           available servers.

SCCP       Signalling Connection Control Part.  As 
           part of the SS7 signalling protocol, it 
           provides connectionless and 
           connection-oriented network services 
           above MTP Level 3.

SCP        Service Control Point. An element of 
           an SS7-based Intelligent Network which 
           performs various service functions, such 
           as number translation, call setup 
           and tear down, etc.

SCTP       Stream Control Transmission Protocol.  
           A protocol designed by the SigTran 
           working group of the IETF to transport
           messages reliably over IP networks(RFC
           It has been specifically designed with
           PSTN signalling in mind, but is meant to
           be a general IP transport protocol.

SG         Signalling Gateway.
SIM        Subscriber Identity Module

SME        Short Message Entity.  An entity that may
           send or receive short messages, and may 
           be fixed or mobile.
SM         Short Message 

SMPP       Short Message Peer-to-Peer (protocol)
SMD-PP     Short Message Delivery Point to Point.  

SMS        Short Message Service, as defined in 
           GSM and IS-41-D.
SMS-MO     Short Message Service Mobile Originated.  

SMS-MT     Short Message Service Mobile Terminated.

SMSC       Short Message Service Center.  Network 
           element responsible for relaying and 
           store-and-forwarding of short messages.  

SRI        Send Routing Information or Send Routing 
           Information for Short Messages.  Refers 
           to the procedure by which an SMSC 
           requests the HLR to send current routing
           information for a particular mobile user.
SRI-SM     Send Routing Information Short Message 

SSP        Service Switching Point.  An element of
           an SS7-based Intelligent Network that 
           performs call origination, termination, 
           or tandem switching.

STP        Signal Transfer Point.  An element of 
           an SS7-based Intelligent Network that 
           performs routing of the SS7 signalling.

SUA        SS7 SCCP User Adaptation Layer specified
           by IETF SIGTRAN for SCCP users, like 
           GSM MAP, UMTS RANAP, CDMA IS-41, 
           CDMA IS-634, IN INAP, CAMEL CAP.

TCAP       Transaction Capability Application Part.  
           The application layer of the SS7 
           signalling protocol.
UCP        Universal Computer Protocol. 

WRR        Weighted Round Robin.  A variation of 
           the round robin algorithm that uses 
           server weights to allow uneven 
           distribution of traffic among a set 
           of available servers.
All objects defined as Counter32 apply from the time the
statement is activated until it is deleted.


Imported Objects

CgsccpGttTransType, CgsccpGttGlobalTitleIndCISCO-ITP-GSCCP-MIB
cgspCLLICode, cgspEventSequenceNumber, cgspInstNetworkCISCO-ITP-GSP-MIB
CmlrRuleSetName, CmlrRuleProtocol, CmlrName, CmlrId, CmlrAddressType, CmlrAddressDigitsCISCO-ITP-MLR-MIB
CItpTcURL, CItpTcSubSystemNumber, CItpTcPointCode, CItpTcNumberingPlan, CItpTcNetworkName, CItpTcNAI, CItpTcGtaLongDisplay, CItpTcTableLoadStatusCISCO-ITP-TC-MIB
InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetPortNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
DateAndTime, RowStatus, TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, TimeStamp, TruthValueSNMPv2-TC
ciscoItpDsmrMIBNotifs .
ciscoItpDsmrTableLoad .
ciscoItpDsmrMIBObjects .
cdsmrScalars .
cdsmrTableLoadNotifEnabled .
cdsmrInstTable .
cdsmrInstTableEntry .
cdsmrInstLastChanged .
cdsmrInstUcpNotifications .
cdsmrInstSmppDeliveryReceipts .
cdsmrInstRoutingFailures .
cdsmrInstResultFailures .
cdsmrInstInternalErrors .
cdsmrInstParseErrors .
cdsmrInstResourceErrors .
cdsmrInstProvisioningErrors .
cdsmrInstDestUnreachableErrors .
cdsmrInstDestSignalErrors .
cdsmrInstLastLoadTime .
cdsmrInstTimeOuts .
cdsmrInstBlockedPackets .
cdsmrInstRoutingRequestsRcvdGsm .
cdsmrInstRoutingRequestsRcvdIs41 .
cdsmrInstRoutingRequestsRcvdUcp .
cdsmrInstRoutingRequestsRcvdSmpp .
cdsmrInstRowStatus .
cdsmrInstLoadStatus .
cdsmrInstLastURL .
cdsmrInstDeliveredSmppCounts .
cdsmrInstDeliveredUcpCounts .
cdsmrInstDeliveredGsmCounts .
cdsmrInstDeferredGsmCounts .
cdsmrInstGsmStatusReports .
cdsmrResultGroupTable .
cdsmrResultGroupTableEntry .
cdsmrResultGroupName .
cdsmrResultGroupRowStatus .
cdsmrResultGroupServerType .
cdsmrResultGroupCdrConsolidation .
cdsmrResultGroupIdentifier .
cdsmrResultGroupQueueLimit .
cdsmrResultGroupQueueTimeLimit .
cdsmrResultGroupMatchSmppId .
cdsmrResultGroupMatchSmppType .
cdsmrResultGroupMatchUcpId .
cdsmrResultIpTable .
cdsmrResultIpTableEntry .
cdsmrResultIpNumber .
cdsmrResultIpRemotePortNumber .
cdsmrResultIpRemoteIpAddrType .
cdsmrResultIpRemoteIpAddress .
cdsmrResultIpProfileName .
cdsmrResultIpWeight .
cdsmrResultIpRowStatus .
cdsmrResultTable .
cdsmrResultTableEntry .
cdsmrResultNumber .
cdsmrResultNp .
cdsmrResultNai .
cdsmrResultWeight .
cdsmrResultNetwork .
cdsmrResultCounts .
cdsmrResultRowStatus .
cdsmrResultDestinationType .
cdsmrResultParameters .
cdsmrResultDestinationName .
cdsmrResultPc .
cdsmrResultSsn .
cdsmrResultGt .
cdsmrResultTransType .
cdsmrResultGti .
cdsmrAddressTable .
cdsmrAddressTableEntry .
cdsmrAddressTableName .
cdsmrAddressResultGti .
cdsmrAddressResultNp .
cdsmrAddressResultNai .
cdsmrAddressResultPc .
cdsmrAddressResultSsn .
cdsmrAddressResultRuleNumber .
cdsmrAddressMatchCounts .
cdsmrAddressRowStatus .
cdsmrAddressType .
cdsmrAddressDigits .
cdsmrAddressExactMatch .
cdsmrAddressResultParameters .
cdsmrAddressResultNetwork .
cdsmrAddressResultType .
cdsmrAddressResultOctet .
cdsmrAddressResultTransType .
cdsmrRuleSetTable .
cdsmrRuleSetTableEntry .
cdsmrRuleSetName .
cdsmrRuleSetProtocol .
cdsmrRuleSetStartDateAndTime .
cdsmrRuleSetEndDateAndTime .
cdsmrRuleSetRowStatus .
cdsmrRuleTable .
cdsmrRuleTableEntry .
cdsmrRuleNumber .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeMaxDigits .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeTable .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeTableNai .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeTableNp .
cdsmrRuleDestSmscGta .
cdsmrRuleDestSmscNai .
cdsmrRuleDestSmscNp .
cdsmrRuleDestSmscMinDigits .
cdsmrRuleDestSmscMaxDigits .
cdsmrRuleOrigImsiGta .
cdsmrRuleOperationType .
cdsmrRuleOrigImsiNai .
cdsmrRuleOrigImsiNp .
cdsmrRuleOrigImsiMinDigits .
cdsmrRuleOrigImsiMaxDigits .
cdsmrRuleOrigImsiTable .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeGta .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeNai .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeNp .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeMinDigits .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeMaxDigits .
cdsmrRuleCdrServiceQueue .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeTable .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeTableNai .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmeTableNp .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscGta .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscNai .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscNp .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscMinDigits .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscMaxDigits .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscTable .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscTableNai .
cdsmrRuleInputParameters .
cdsmrRuleOrigSmscTableNp .
cdsmrRuleProtocolId .
cdsmrRuleTeleserviceId .
cdsmrRuleResultParameters .
cdsmrRuleResultNetwork .
cdsmrRuleResultType .
cdsmrRuleResultOctet .
cdsmrRuleResultTransType .
cdsmrRuleResultGti .
cdsmrRuleResultNp .
cdsmrRuleDestPort .
cdsmrRuleResultNai .
cdsmrRuleResultPc .
cdsmrRuleResultSsn .
cdsmrRuleResultRuleNumber .
cdsmrRuleResultRowStatus .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeGta .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeNai .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeNp .
cdsmrRuleDestSmeMinDigits .
cdsmrRuleStatsTable .
cdsmrRuleStatsTableEntry .
cdsmrRuleStatsCheckedCounts .
cdsmrRuleStatsMatchCounts .
cdsmrRuleStatsRoutedCounts .
ciscoItpDsmrMIBConform .
ciscoItpDsmrMIBCompliances .
ciscoItpDsmrMIBGroups .