The defines textual conventions used by to manage
        devices related to the SS7 network.  The
        relevant ITU documents describing this technology is
        the ITU Q series, including ITU Q.700: Introduction to
        CCITT Signalling System No. 7 and ITU Q.701 Functional
        description of the message transfer part (MTP) of
        Signalling System No. 7.
        CDPA  - Called Party Point Code
        CGPA  - Calling Party Point Code
        CLLI  - Common Language Location Codes
        CR    - Connection Request message
        CREF  - Connection Refusal message
        DPC   - Destination Point Code
        ERR   - Error message
        GTA   - Global Title Address 
        GTI   - Global Title Indicator
        GTT   - Global Title Translation
        LUDT  - long unitdata message
        LUDTS - long unitdata service message
        M2PA  - MTP2 Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer
        M3UA  - MTP3-User Adaptation 
        MAP   - Mated Application Table
        MSU   - Message Signal Unit 
        MTP   - Message Transport Protocol
        MTP2  - Layer 2 of Message Transport Protocol
        MTP3  - Layer 3 of Message Transport Protocol
        NAI   - Nature of Address Indicator
        NP    - Numbering Plan         
        NTT   - The Japanese Nippon Telephone & Telegraph 
        OPC   - Originating Point Code
        PC    - Point Code
        RTN   - Route Table Name
        RSR   - Reset Request message
        SCCP  - Signalling Connection Control Part
        SCTP  - Stream Transmission Protocol(RFC 2960)
        SI    - Signalling Indicator
        SP    - Signalling Point
        SLC   - Signalling Link Code
        SLS   - Signalling Link Selector
        SSN   - Subsystem Number
        SUA   - SCCP-User Adaptation 
        TFR   - Transfer Restricted messages  
        TT    - Title Translation
        TTC   - The Japanese Telecommunications Technology 
        UDT   - unitdata message
        UDTS  - unitdata service message
        XUDT  - extended unitdata message
        XUDTS - extended unitdata service message

Imported Objects

Integer32, MODULE-IDENTITY, Unsigned32SNMPv2-SMI
ciscoItpTextualConventions .