This MIB module is used to create and monitor cross-connects
        (horizontal relationships) between peer interfaces on the same
        network element.  Vertical relationships (e.g. between lambdas
        and the optical fiber in which the lambdas are carried) are
        represented in the ifStackTable from the IF-MIB.
        This MIB can be used to model various types of cross-connects
        between peer interfaces, including time-division (e.g.
        SDH/SONET, PDH), wavelength (lambda), and spatial switching
        (e.g. incoming port or fiber to outgoing port or fiber).
        This MIB does not apply to cross-connects between packet flows
        (e.g. packets in the same forwarding equivalence class at a
        MPLS-capable switch or router) or cell flows (e.g. ATM Virtual
        Path connections or ATM Virtual Channel connections), since
        there are scalability issues in modeling each packet flow or
        cell flow as a logical interface.
        The switching element performing the cross-connect function can
        be electrical (e.g. SDH/SONET switch) or optical (e.g. passive
        optical add/drop multiplexer)
        Cross-connects can be created through provisioning,
        automatically by the network element, or dynamically by using
        control protocols (e.g. GMPLS).
        The cross-connect model includes support for pairs of
        interfaces used to protect each other (e.g. SONET 1+1
        Automatic Protection Switching).  Cross-connects to protection
        interfaces may be shown in this MIB module.

Imported Objects

InterfaceIndex, ifIndexIF-MIB
ciscoOpticalIfCrossConnectMIB .
coifccMIBObjects .
coifccInterface .
coifccInterfaceTable .
coifccInterfaceEntry .
coifccIfCrossConnectIdentifier .
coifccCrossConnect .
coifccCcIndexNext .
coifccCcLastChange .
coifccCrossConnectTable .
coifccCrossConnectEntry .
coifccCcIndex .
coifccCcH2LLastChange .
coifccCcRowStatus .
coifccCcL2HAttenuation .
coifccCcH2LAttenuation .
coifccCcLowIfIndex .
coifccCcHighIfIndex .
coifccCcSwitchType .
coifccCcKind .
coifccCcCreationTime .
coifccCcL2HOperStatus .
coifccCcH2LOperStatus .
coifccCcL2HLastChange .
coifccMIBConformance .
coifccMIBCompliances .
coifccMIBGroups .