This MIB module defines the managed objects for physical 
layer related interface configurations and objects
for the protocol specific error counters for DWDM
optical switches.

This MIB contains three groups.

The first group, cmPhyIf group, handles the physical layer
related interface configurations. The cmPhyIfTable has objects
for configuring protocol, rate, error monitoring, loopback
mode and safety features like OFC (Open Fibre Control), laser
safety control and forward laser control. 

The second group, cmPhyStatistics group, represents the 
counters that collect error statistics on the received 
data traffic for all protocols except SONET. 
The error statistics for SONET are covered 
in the SONET-MIB.

The third group, cmPhySonetSectionTrace group, provides
objects for section trace monitoring on SONET/SDH

Imported Objects

Integer32, Counter32, Unsigned32, Counter64, MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPESNMPv2-SMI
ciscoMetroPhyMIB .
ciscoMetroPhyMIBObjects .
cmPhyIf .
cmPhyIfTable .
cmPhyIfEntry .
cmPhyIfMode .
cmPhyIfAutoNegotiation .
cmPhyIfTransType .
cmPhyIfRate .
cmPhyIfNegotiatedRate .
cmPhyIfOverSubscription .
cmPhyIfClientSubrate .
cmPhyIfClientSubrateLock .
cmPhyIfProtocol .
cmPhyIfClockRate .
cmPhyIfMonitor .
cmPhyIfLoopback .
cmPhyIfOFC .
cmPhyIfLaserSafetyControl deprecated.
cmPhyIfForwardLaserControl deprecated.
cmPhyIfTxBufferSize .
cmPhyStatistics .
cmPhyStatisticsTable .
cmPhyStatisticsEntry .
cmPhyRxPower deprecated.
cmPhyHCRxCRC .
cmPhyTxEncapFarEndPktErrors .
cmPhyTxEncapFarEndPktErrOverflow .
cmPhyHCTxEncapFarEndPktErrors .
cmPhyRxCVRD .
cmPhyRxCVRDOverflow .
cmPhyRxHEC deprecated.
cmPhyRxHECOverflow deprecated.
cmPhyHCRxHEC deprecated.
cmPhyRxCRC .
cmPhyRxCRCOverflow .
cmPhySonetSectionTrace .
cmPhySonetSectionTraceTable .
cmPhySonetSectionTraceEntry .
cmPhySonetSectionTraceReceived .
cmPhySonetSectionTraceExpected .
ciscoMetroPhyMIBConformance .
ciscoMetroPhyMIBCompliances .
ciscoMetroPhyMIBGroups .