The MIB module for the management of locks on a Fibre
Channel Fabric.  A Fibre Channel Fabric lock is used to
ensure serialized access to some types of management data
related to a Fabric, e.g., the Fabric's Zoning Database.

Some (managing) applications generate Fabric locks by
initiating server sessions.  Server sessions are
defined generically in FC-GS-5 to represent a collection of
one or more requests to the session's server, e.g., to the
Zone Server.  Such a session is started by a Server Session
Begin (SSB) request, and terminated by a Server Session End
(SSE) request.  The switch receiving the SSB is called the
'managing' switch.  Some applications require the
'managing' switch to lock the Fabric for the particular
application, e.g., for Enhanced Zoning, before it can
respond successfully to the SSB.  On receipt of the
subsequent SSE, the lock is released.  For this usage, the
managing switch sends an Acquire Change Authorization (ACA)
request to other switches to lock the Fabric.

For some other applications, a managing switch locks the
Fabric using an Enhanced Acquire Change Authorization (EACA)
request, which identifies the application on whose behalf
the Fabric is being locked with an Application_ID.

Fabric locks can also be requested more directly, e.g.,
through the use of this MIB.  In these situations, the term
'managing' switch is used to indicate the switch that
receives such a request and executes it by issuing either
ACA or EACA requests to other switches in the Fabric.

This MIB module defines information about the 'managing'
switch for currently-active Fabric locks.

Copyright (C) The IETF Trust (2007).  This version
of this MIB module is part of RFC 4936;  see the RFC
itself for full legal notices.

Imported Objects

fcmInstanceIndex, fcmSwitchIndexFC-MGMT-MIB
InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
t11FLockMIBNotifications .
t11FLockMIBObjects .
t11FLockConfiguration .
t11FLockTable .
t11FLockEntry .
t11FLockFabricIndex .
t11FLockRejectReasonVendorCode .
t11FLockRowStatus .
t11FLockApplicationID .
t11FLockInitiatorType .
t11FLockInitiator .
t11FLockInitiatorIpAddrType .
t11FLockInitiatorIpAddr .
t11FLockStatus .
t11FLockRejectReasonCode .
t11FLockRejectReasonCodeExp .
t11FLockMIBConformance .
t11FLockMIBCompliances .
t11FLockMIBGroups .