MIB module for EVT Notifications. The following notifications
        are generated by EVTs. The Event Id for each event is represented 
        as the last sub identifier for each notification. 
        The DOCSIS Event Id(docsDevEvId) or last sub-identifier is 
        calculated by adding the Motorola Event Id Base + Vendor Specific 
        Event Base + + the EVT subsystem base + index (1-255).
        Example of DRM.56 'Spare CMTS Active' event identifier is:
           Vendor Event Id Base                 0x80000000
           Motorola Event Base               +  0x13750000
           DRM Evt subsystem Base            +  0x     700
           56 (in hex)                       +  0x      38
                                               0x93750738 hex
                                            or 2473920312 decimal
        The CLI command 'show evt' also displays the bases for the EVT
         subsystems that are registered.
         All EVT notifications contain the same set variable-bindings:
             docsDevEvLevel - this event's severity level. 
             docsDevEvId - the DOSIS Event Id for this particular event,
                and also the last sub identifier for this notification.
            docsDevEvText - The DOCSIS Event Text for this event, 
                 ASCII printable text that is displayed for this event.
            docsIfDocsisBaseCapability - The current DOCSIS capabilities of 
                this agent.
             ifPhysAddress - Not used at this time.
         This MIB just list a few of the notifications generated by EVT,
         specifically all EVTs notification with a severity level of 
         critical or higher.
         Copyright (C) 2003, 2008 by Motorola, Inc.
         All rights reserved.

Imported Objects

docsDevEvId, docsDevEvText, docsDevEvLevelDOCS-CABLE-DEVICE-MIB
rdnEvtNotifications .