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        authors of the code.  All rights reserved.
        Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or
        without modification, is permitted pursuant to, and subject
        to the license terms contained in, the Simplified BSD License
        set forth in Section 4.c of the IETF Trust's Legal Provisions
        Relating to IETF Documents
        This MIB is used to report AC power attributes in devices.
        The table is a sparse augmentation of the eoPowerTable table
        from the energyObjectMib module.  Both three-phase and
        single-phase power configurations are supported.
        As a requirement for this MIB module, RFC 7461 SHOULD be
        Module Compliance of ENTITY-MIB v4 with respect to
        entity4CRCompliance MUST be supported which requires
        implementation of four MIB objects: entPhysicalIndex,
        entPhysicalClass, entPhysicalName, and entPhysicalUUID.

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, mib-2, Integer32, Unsigned32SNMPv2-SMI
powerAttributesMIB .
powerAttributesMIBConform .
powerAttributesMIBObjects .
eoACPwrAttributesTable .
eoACPwrAttributesEntry .
eoACPwrAttributesConfiguration .
eoACPwrAttributesTotalPowerFactor .
eoACPwrAttributesThdCurrent .
eoACPwrAttributesThdVoltage .
eoACPwrAttributesAvgVoltage .
eoACPwrAttributesAvgCurrent .
eoACPwrAttributesFrequency .
eoACPwrAttributesPowerUnitMultiplier .
eoACPwrAttributesPowerAccuracy .
eoACPwrAttributesTotalActivePower .
eoACPwrAttributesTotalReactivePower .
eoACPwrAttributesTotalApparentPower .
eoACPwrAttributesDelPhaseTable .
eoACPwrAttributesDelPhaseEntry .
eoACPwrAttributesDelPhaseIndex .
eoACPwrAttributesDelPhaseToNextPhaseVoltage .
eoACPwrAttributesDelThdPhaseToNextPhaseVoltage .
eoACPwrAttributesWyePhaseTable .
eoACPwrAttributesWyePhaseEntry .
eoACPwrAttributesWyePhaseIndex .
eoACPwrAttributesWyePhaseToNeutralVoltage .
eoACPwrAttributesWyeCurrent .
eoACPwrAttributesWyeActivePower .
eoACPwrAttributesWyeReactivePower .
eoACPwrAttributesWyeApparentPower .
eoACPwrAttributesWyePowerFactor .
eoACPwrAttributesWyeThdCurrent .
eoACPwrAttributesWyeThdPhaseToNeutralVoltage .
powerAttributesMIBCompliances .
powerAttributesMIBGroups .