Textual conventions for NBS mibs.
        Some informal NBS conventions used include the following:
          A DESCRIPTION specifying 'Persistent' indicates a user-
          configured attribute that can be stored in the Agent's
          non-volatile file system as a configuration file such as
          A DESCRIPTION specifying 'Impulse' indicates a user setting
          that the Agent will immediately attempt but will not store
          An object name containing 'Admin' indicates a setting
          requested by the user which may be overridden by the system.
          Admin objects should be updated in the Agent immediately, so
          a GET request immediately after the SET is accepted will
          be answered with a GET-RESPONSE indicating the new value.
          An object name containing 'Oper' indicates an attribute's
          actual state.
          An object name containing 'Caps' is a bitmask which refers to
          the capabilities of an entity to support corresponding entries
          in a specified feature table.

Imported Objects

Unsigned32, Counter64, MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-IDENTITY, enterprisesSNMPv2-SMI
nbs .
nbsMib .