The MIB module registers object identifier values for
        well-known programming and scripting languages. Every
        language registration MUST describe the format used
        when transferring scripts written in this language.
        Any additions or changes to the contents of this MIB
        module require Designated Expert Review as defined in
        the Guidelines for Writing IANA Considerations Section
        document. The Designated Expert will be selected by
        the IESG Area Director of the OPS Area.
        Note, this module does not have to register all possible
        languages since languages are identified by object
        identifier values. It is therefore possible to registered
        languages in private OID trees. The references given below are not
        normative with regard to the language version. Other
        references might be better suited to describe some newer
        versions of this language. The references are only
        provided as `a pointer into the right direction'.

Imported Objects

ianaLanguages .
ianaLangJavaByteCode .
ianaLangTcl .
ianaLangPerl .
ianaLangScheme .
ianaLangSRSL .
ianaLangPSL .
ianaLangSMSL .