This MIB is used to acquire ip accounting information.
        The hpnicfIpaAccountListTable is set by user to define the group of ip address
        which they want to account.
        This module can be enabled in each port,
        which was defined in the hpnicfIpaIfConfigTable.
        If this module has been enabled, the packets will be accounted
        when crossing the router from the ports having been enabled by user,
        according to whether the source/destination ip address is in hpnicfIpaAccountListTable
        and what kinds of function(in/out/both/fw) are enabled
        and also whether it is denied by the firewall.
        If it is denied by the firewall, it will be accounted in hpnicfIpaFWListTable
        If it is accepted by the firewall, and ip source or ip destination is in hpnicfIpaAccountListTable,
        it will be accounted in hpnicfIpaIntListTable, otherwise it will be accounted
        in hpnicfIpaExtListTable.
        And IP Accounting function also differentiates the packets by direction.
        If the packet is inbound, the accounting information can be seen as
          hpnicfIpaIntListInPackets/hpnicfIpaIntListInBytes in hpnicfIpaIntListTable,
          hpnicfIpaExtListInPackets/hpnicfIpaExtListInBytes in hpnicfIpaExtListTable,
          hpnicfIpaFWListInPackets/hpnicfIpaFWListInBytes in hpnicfIpaFWListTable.
        or else the accounting information can be seen as
          hpnicfIpaIntListOutPackets/hpnicfIpaIntListOutBytes in hpnicfIpaIntListTable,
          hpnicfIpaExtListOutPackets/hpnicfIpaExtListOutBytes in hpnicfIpaExtListTable,
          hpnicfIpaFWListOutPackets/hpnicfIpaFWListOutBytes in hpnicfIpaFWListTable.

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Counter32, Counter64, Integer32, IpAddressSNMPv2-SMI
hpnicfIpaGlobalStats .
hpnicfIpaGlobalEnable .
hpnicfIpaTimeOutSeconds .
hpnicfIpaIntListMaxItemNum .
hpnicfIpaExtListMaxItemNum .
hpnicfIpaFWListMaxItemNum .
hpnicfIpaAccountListMaxItemNum .
hpnicfIpaAccountListNextIndex .
hpnicfIpaListCleaningFlag .
hpnicfIpaIfConfigTable .
hpnicfIpaIfConfigEntry .
hpnicfIpaIfConfigIfIndex .
hpnicfIpaIfConfigInEnable .
hpnicfIpaIfConfigOutEnable .
hpnicfIpaIfConfigFWEnable .
hpnicfIpaAccountListTable .
hpnicfIpaAccountListEntry .
hpnicfIpaAccountListIndex .
hpnicfIpaAccountListIpAddr .
hpnicfIpaAccountListIpMask .
hpnicfIpaAccountListRowStatus .
hpnicfIpaIntListTable .
hpnicfIpaIntListEntry .
hpnicfIpaIntListIpSrc .
hpnicfIpaIntListIpDst .
hpnicfIpaIntListProtocol .
hpnicfIpaIntListInPackets .
hpnicfIpaIntListInBytes .
hpnicfIpaIntListOutPackets .
hpnicfIpaIntListOutBytes .
hpnicfIpaExtListTable .
hpnicfIpaExtListEntry .
hpnicfIpaExtListIpSrc .
hpnicfIpaExtListIpDst .
hpnicfIpaExtListProtocol .
hpnicfIpaExtListInPackets .
hpnicfIpaExtListInBytes .
hpnicfIpaExtListOutPackets .
hpnicfIpaExtListOutBytes .
hpnicfIpaFWListTable .
hpnicfIpaFWListEntry .
hpnicfIpaFWListIpSrc .
hpnicfIpaFWListIpDst .
hpnicfIpaFWListInPackets .
hpnicfIpaFWListInBytes .
hpnicfIpaFWListOutPackets .
hpnicfIpaFWListOutBytes .