The MIB module for the management of zoning within 
        the framework of Cisco's Zoning Server (ZS) Archi-
        tecture which realizes the FC-GS4/SW3 requirements 
        for Zone Server. This MIB is an extension to the
        CISCO-ZS-MIB, which is for managing zoning
        conforming to FC-GS3/SW2. The FC-GS4 specification
        is Fibre-Channel - Generic Services - 4 T11/
        Project 1505-D/Rev 7.8. The SW3 specification is
        Fibre-Channel - Switch Fabric - 3 T11/Project 1508-
        D/Rev 6.6.
        GS4/SW3 allows zoning to operate in either basic
        or enhanced mode of operation. Basic mode is
        essentially GS3/SW2 compatible mode (as modelled
        by CISCO-ZS-MIB). Enhanced mode of operation
        provides additional capabilities. In enhanced mode
        of operation, all the configuration should be
        done within the scope of a session. 
        The current 'Running Configuration' on the local device
        for zone server is called the 'effective' database.
        When the first configuration command on the zone server
        data is received, a snapshot of the current 'effective 
        database' is taken on the local device. This 
        snapshot is called the 'copy' database. An implicit
        session is started by the Zone Server on the local 
        device and all subsequent SET operations take place
        in the context of this session. The 'copy' database
        is used for all further modifications in the
        session. There can be only one session active in the
        entire Fibre Channel fabric. The user who initiates
        the creation of this 'copy', is called the owner of
        session. When a session has been created on a device
        in the Fibre Channel fabric, if an attempt is made
        to start a session from any other device in the 
        fabric, it results in error.
        Once the modifications to the 'copy' are done, a 
        'commit' operation can be done. The 'commit' done
        on the local device, results in the local 'effective
        database' being overwritten with the 'copy' and
        then the new local 'effective database' is
        distributed to all other devices in the Fibre Channel
        fabric. The successful 'commit' operation also results
        in destroying the 'copy' on the local device. The
        'commit' can only be performed by the owner of the
        The 'copy' can optionally be destroyed without any
        distribution. This can be done by performing a
        'clear' operation.
        Glossary of terms used in this MIB
        VSAN - Virtual Storage Area Network.

Imported Objects

ciscoZsExtMIB .
ciscoZsExtMIBNotifs .
ciscoZsExtMIBObjects .
czseConfiguration .
czseCapabilityTable .
czseCapabilityEntry .
czseCapabilityObject .
czseModeTable .
czseModeEntry .
czseOperationMode .
czseOperationModeResult .
czseReadFrom .
czseSessionTable .
czseSessionEntry .
czseSessionOwnerType .
czseSessionOwner .
czseSessionCntl .
czseSessionCntlResult .
czseMergeControlTable .
czseMergeControlEntry .
czseMergeControlRestrict .
czseGlobalDefaultZoneBehaviour .
czseGlobalPropagationMode .
czseStats .
ciscoZsExtMIBConform .
ciscoZsExtMIBCompliances .
ciscoZsExtMIBGroups .