Cisco PSA Microcode MIB - Overview
        The PSA is the Packet Switching ASIC used 
        in module like engine 2(E2) line cards in GSR
        for IP and MPLS packets forwarding. The PSA 
        performs IP and MPLS packet forwarding at 4 Mpps. 
        The list of features supported by the PSA 
        includes (but is not limited to):
        - Input and Output ACLs
        - Frame Relay Switching
        - PIRC
        - MPLS VPN
        - BGP policy accounting
        - IP packet coloring
        - Sampled Net flow
        - ATM over MPLS.
        - Source MAC Accounting.
        - Unicast RPF
        Note that all the features are not 
        supported simultaneously on a module. 
        Each microcode bundle/set can support 
        one or a limited number of the features 
        listed above. Each feature has a priority.  
        When a feature (ACL, Sampled NetFlow) is 
        enabled through the CLI, the higher 
        priority feature will take precedence 
        over the lower priority feature.  The 
        microcode for the lower priority is 
        removed and cleaned up.  The higher 
        priority microcode will be loaded.  
        Later, if the higher priority feature 
        is removed, the lower priority microcode 
        will be loaded again.
        This MIB contains information about the microcode 
        bundles on modules like  E2 Line Cards(LC) in GSR.
        Since microcode reload is a service interrupting 
        event, this MIB also defines a notification to
        inform management stations that such an event has
        taken place.

Imported Objects

entPhysicalIndex, entPhysicalDescr, entPhysicalNameENTITY-MIB
ciscoPsaMicrocodeMIB .
ciscoPsaMicrocodeMIBNotifs .
ciscoPsaMicrocodeReload .
ciscoPsaMicrocodeMIBObjects .
cpmcModulePsa .
cpmcModulePsaTable .
cpmcModulePsaEntry .
cpmcModulePsaCurrBundleId .
cpmcModulePsaPrevBundleId .
cpmcModulePsaFeaturesEnabled .
cpmcModulePsaFeaturesDisabled .
cpmcBundle .
cpmcBundleTable .
cpmcBundleEntry .
cpmcBundleId .
cpmcBundleFeatures .
cpmcNotif .
cpmcNotifEnables .
ciscoPsaMicrocodeMIBConformance .
ciscoPsaMicrocodeMIBCompliances .
ciscoPsaMicrocodeMIBGroups .