Cisco PORT QOS MIB - Overview
        This MIB module is for the management of Cisco's    
        per port rate-limiting and traffic shaping on L3    
        switch/Router Platform(s).    
        Per-port rate-limiting is a traffic control method.    
        A set of rate limits are applied to the traffic    
        traversing an interface. Each rate limit has a    
        configurable action that is taken when rate    
        limiting criteria is met.    
        Per-port traffic shaping is a traffic control    
        method. The user can restrict the amount of traffic    
        coming out of a physical port. Excess traffic is     
        buffered within the router/switch to the extent     
        A class represents a class of traffic. It is defined 
        via the specification of the packet matching criteria 
        that identifies packets that are to belong to the class.
        Class-default: In addition to user defined classes, 
        a pre-existing class named 'class-default' exists to 
        represent all packets that do not match any of the user 
        defined classes. This class-default exists so that 
        policies can be defined for this group of packets that 
        do not match any user defined classes.
        Actions are individual policies (e.g.: policing) that 
        can be applied to a traffic class.
        A policy represents a set of actions that are to be 
        applied to a set of traffic classes. The policy is 
        associated with a target (like a port) and the direction 
        of traffic on that target to which the policy is to be 
        A hierarchical policy is one in which an entire policy 
        is directly assigned to a class of traffic. Thus, a 
        hierarchical policy is a nested policy that contains 
        a set of the pair of a child-policy and the 
        traffic-class to which it is applied.
        DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point) is the six 
        most significant bits of the ToS field in a IP packet 
        CoS (Class of Service) is the three bits in the layer 2 
        header that indicates user priority value assigned to 
        this packet. 
        This MIB module also provides per port QoS statistics.

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Integer32, Counter64, Gauge32, Unsigned32SNMPv2-SMI
TruthValue, TimeStampSNMPv2-TC
ciscoPortQosMIB .
ciscoPortQosMIBObjects .
cportQosRLConfig .
cportQosRLConfigTable deprecated.
cportQosRLConfigEntry deprecated.
cportQosRLConfigDirection deprecated.
cportQosRLConfigEnable deprecated.
cportQosRLConfigRate deprecated.
cportQosRLConfigBurstSize deprecated.
cportQosTSConfig .
cportQosTSConfigTable deprecated.
cportQosTSConfigEntry deprecated.
cportQosTSConfigEnable deprecated.
cportQosTSConfigRate deprecated.
cportQosTSConfigBurstSize deprecated.
cportQosStatistics .
cportQosIndexType deprecated.
cportQosStatsTable deprecated.
cportQosStatsEntry deprecated.
cportQosDirection deprecated.
cportQosClassifiedPkts deprecated.
cportQosNoChangePkts deprecated.
cportQosNoChangeOctets deprecated.
cportQosInProfPolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosOutOfProfPolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosInProfPolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosOutOfProfPolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosViolateProfPolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosViolateProfPolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosIndex deprecated.
cportQosPrePolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosPrePolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosPostPolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosPostPolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosDropPkts deprecated.
cportQosDropOctets deprecated.
cportQosClassifiedOctets deprecated.
cportQosIndexTypeNew deprecated.
cportQosInVlanStatsTable deprecated.
cportQosInVlanStatsEntry deprecated.
cportQosVlanInProfPolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosVlanOutOfProfPolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosVlanInProfPolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosVlanOutOfProfPolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosVlanViolateProfPolicyPkts deprecated.
cportQosVlanViolateProfPolicyOctets deprecated.
cportQosEgressQueueStatsTable deprecated.
cportQosEgressQueueStatsEntry deprecated.
cportQosQueueId deprecated.
cportQosQueueThreshold deprecated.
cportQosQueueEnqueuePkts deprecated.
cportQosQueueDropPkts deprecated.
cportQosClassEgressStatsTable deprecated.
cportQosClassEgressStatsEntry deprecated.
cportQosClassId deprecated.
cportQosClassThreshold deprecated.
cportQosClassName deprecated.
cportQosClassEnqueuePkts deprecated.
cportQosClassDropPkts deprecated.
cportQosClassDiscontinuityTime deprecated.
cportQosClassIngressStatsTable deprecated.
cportQosClassIngressStatsEntry deprecated.
cportQosClassIdLevel1 deprecated.
cportQosPoliceViolateOctets deprecated.
cportQosPoliceConformRate deprecated.
cportQosPoliceExceedRate deprecated.
cportQosPoliceViolateRate deprecated.
cportQosPoliceDiscontinuityTime deprecated.
cportQosClassIdLevel2 deprecated.
cportQosClassNameLevel1 deprecated.
cportQosClassNameLevel2 deprecated.
cportQosPoliceConformPkts deprecated.
cportQosPoliceConformOctets deprecated.
cportQosPoliceExceedPkts deprecated.
cportQosPoliceExceedOctets deprecated.
cportQosPoliceViolatePkts deprecated.
cportQosDscpStatsTable deprecated.
cportQosDscpStatsEntry deprecated.
cportQosDscpValue deprecated.
cportQosDscpIngressPkts deprecated.
cportQosDscpIngressOctets deprecated.
cportQosDscpEgressPkts deprecated.
cportQosDscpEgressOctets deprecated.
cportQosCosStatsTable deprecated.
cportQosCosStatsEntry deprecated.
cportQosCosValue deprecated.
cportQosCosIngressPkts deprecated.
cportQosCosIngressOctets deprecated.
cportQosCosEgressPkts deprecated.
cportQosCosEgressOctets deprecated.
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