The MIB module for the management of N_port
Virtualization or NPV within the framework of Cisco's 
N_port virtualization (NPV) Architecture.

N_Port virtualization reduces the number of Fibre 
Channel domain IDs in SANs. Switches operating in the 
NPV mode do not join a fabric; rather, they pass traffic 
between NPV core switch links and end-devices, which 
eliminates the domain IDs for these edge switches.

Glossary of terms Used in this MIB:

SAN                - Storage Area Network

VSAN               - Virtual Storage Area Network,
                     Similar to a VLAN.

NPV                - N Port Virtualization, a technique
                     using which the number of domain IDs
                     in fibre channel fabric can be reduced,
                     leading to easier management. 
                     When operating in this mode, a fibre 
                     channel switch (typically, 
                     a fabric/blade switch)
                     acts as a HBA with respect to the 
                     fibre channel fabric and as a switch 
                     with respect to the connected devices.

NPV Device         - A fibre channel switch working in NPV
                     special mode.

NPV Core Switch    - A fibre channel edge switch connected to 
                     one or more NPV devices.

Server             - Host connected to the NPV device.
                     Typically, a Blade Server connected to 
                     Blade switch in NPV mode in a Blade 

Server Interface   - Interface on the NPV Device that connects
                     to end devices(hosts/disks). Also, known
                     as F-port, as it operates in F port mode.

External Interface - Interface on the NPV Device that 
                     connects to the NPV Core Switch.
                     Also known as NP-port as it operates
                     in NP port mode.

Traffic Map        - Traffic map is a way to restrict traffic 
                     flow from an interface to only a set of 
                     interfaces. In NPV device, traffic map
                     can be used to present a server interface
                     to the fibre channel fabric only through
                     one of the valid external interfaces
                     specified in the set of interfaces.

Imported Objects

RowStatus, TruthValue, TimeStamp, StorageTypeSNMPv2-TC
ciscoNportVirtualizationMIBNotifs .
ciscoNportVirtualizationMIBObjects .
cnpvConfiguration .
cnpvGlobal .
cnpvTrafficAutoLoadbalance .
cnpvTrafficMap .
cnpvTrafficMapTable .
cnpvTrafficMapEntry .
cnpvTrafficMapFromIfIndex .
cnpvTrafficMapToIfIndexList .
cnpvTrafficMapLastChange .
cnpvTrafficMapStorageType .
cnpvTrafficMapRowStatus .
ciscoNportVirtualizationMIBConform .
ciscoNportVirtualizationMIBCompliances .
ciscoNportVirtualizationMIBGroups .