The MIB for providing information specified
        in ITU Q752 Monitoring and Measurements for
        Signalling System No. 7(SS7) Network. 
        This information can be used to manage messages
        transported over SS7 Network via Cisco IP 
        Transfer Point.  
        The Cisco IP Transfer Point (ITP) is a hardware 
        and software solution that transports SS7 traffic 
        using IP. Each ITP node provides function similar
        to SS7 signaling point.   
        The relevant ITU documents describing this technology
        is the ITU Q series, including ITU Q.700: Introduction
        to CCITT Signalling System No. 7 and ITU Q.701 
        Functional description of the message transfer part
        (MTP) of Signalling System No. 7.

Imported Objects

CItpTcGlobalTitleSelectorName, CItpTcGtaAddr, CItpTcLinksetId, CItpTcPointCode, CItpTcServiceIndicatorCISCO-ITP-TC-MIB
ciscoItpActMIB .
cItpActMIBNotifs .
cItpActMIBObjects .
cItpActMtp3 .
cItpActMtp3Table deprecated.
cItpActMtp3TableEntry deprecated.
cItpActMtp3TableId deprecated.
cItpActMtp3LinksetName deprecated.
cItpActMtp3Dpc deprecated.
cItpActMtp3Opc deprecated.
cItpActMtp3SI deprecated.
cItpActMtp3RcvdPackets deprecated.
cItpActMtp3SentPackets deprecated.
cItpActMtp3RcvdBytes deprecated.
cItpActMtp3SentBytes deprecated.
cItpActGtt .
cItpActGttTable deprecated.
cItpActGttTableEntry deprecated.
cItpActGttLinksetName deprecated.
cItpActGttSelectorName deprecated.
cItpActGttGta deprecated.
cItpActGttTranslatedPc deprecated.
cItpActGttPackets deprecated.
cItpActGttBytes deprecated.
cItpActMIBConformance .
cItpActMIBCompliances .
cItpActMIBGroups .