The MIB module is for management of information 
        to support packet filtering on IP protocols.
        The cippfIpProfileTable allows users to create
        delete, and get information about filter profiles.
        Filter profiles are uniquely identified by the 
        profile names.  Filter profiles can either be of
        Simple or Extended usage types, and the usage type
        cannot be changed once it has been created. 
        The cippfIfIpProfileTable applies the filtering
        profiles to device interfaces running IP.  A filter
        profile can be applied to multiple interfaces.
        The cippfIpFilterTable contains ordered lists of
        IP filters for all the filtering profiles.  
        Filters and profiles are related if they are of 
        the same filter profile name.  Filters can only 
        be created if their associated filter profiles
        already exist in the cippfIpProfileTable. 
        Filters of the same profile name belongs to a 
        common profile.  
        The cippfIfIpProfileTable can be configured with
        information independent from the other.  However, 
        if the name of a profile in the cippfIfIpProfileTable
        matches that of any profile in the 
        cippfIpProfileTable and the profile name of any 
        filter entry in the cippfIpFilterTable, the profile 
        is 'active' and the filter entry is being applied 
        to IP traffic passing through the attached device 
        interfaces.  Therefore, any change to the filters 
        in the cippfIpFilterTable or the profile itself in 
        the cippfIpProfileTable will affect all the 
        attached interfaces.

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddress, InetPortNumberINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Integer32, Unsigned32, Counter64SNMPv2-SMI
ciscoIpProtocolMIB .
ciscoIpProtocolFilterMIBNotifs .
ciscoIpProtocolFilterMIBObjects .
cippfIpFilterConfig .
cippfIpProfileTable .
cippfIpProfileEntry .
cippfIpProfileName .
cippfIpProfileType .
cippfIpProfileLastFilterIndex .
cippfIpProfileStatus .
cippfIfIpProfileTable .
cippfIfIpProfileEntry .
cippfIfIpProfileDirection .
cippfIfIpProfileName .
cippfIfIpProfileStatus .
cippfIpFilterTable .
cippfIpFilterEntry .
cippfIpFilterIndex .
cippfIpFilterSrcPortLow .
cippfIpFilterSrcPortHigh .
cippfIpFilterDestPortLow .
cippfIpFilterDestPortHigh .
cippfIpFilterPrecedence .
cippfIpFilterTos .
cippfIpFilterLogEnabled .
cippfIpFilterStatus .
cippfIpFilterICMPType .
cippfIpFilterTCPEstablished .
cippfIpFilterOrderPosition .
cippfIpFilterFragments .
cippfIpFilterICMPCode .
cippfIpFilterSrcIPGroupName .
cippfIpFilterDstIPGroupName .
cippfIpFilterProtocolGroupName .
cippfIpFilterSrcServiceGroupName .
cippfIpFilterDstServiceGroupName .
cippfIpFilterICMPGroupName .
cippfIpFilterAction .
cippfIpFilterAddressType .
cippfIpFilterSrcAddress .
cippfIpFilterSrcMask .
cippfIpFilterDestAddress .
cippfIpFilterDestMask .
cippfIpFilterProtocol .
cippfIpFilterExtTable .
cippfIpFilterExtEntry .
cippfIpFilterExtDescription .
cippfIpFilterExtLogLevel .
cippfIpFilterExtLogInterval .
cippfIpFilterStats .
cippfIpFilterStatsTable .
cippfIpFilterStatsEntry .
cippfIpFilterHits .
ciscoIpProtocolFilterMIBConform .
ciscoIpProtocolFilterMIBCompl .
ciscoIpProtocolFilterMIBGroups .