Configuration management MIB.

The MIB represents a model of configuration data that
exists in various locations:

running       in use by the running system
terminal      saved to whatever is attached as the terminal        
local         saved locally in NVRAM or flash
remote        saved to some server on the network

Although some of the system functions that relate here
can be used for general file storage and transfer, this
MIB intends to include only such operations as clearly
relate to configuration.  Its primary emphasis is to
track changes and saves of the running configuration.

As saved data moves further from startup use, such as
into different local flash files or onto the network,
tracking becomes difficult to impossible, so the MIB's
interest and functions are confined in that area.

Information from ccmCLIHistoryCommandTable can be used
to track the exact configuration changes that took
place within a particular Configuration History
event. NMS' can use this information to update 
the related components. 
For example:
    If commands related only to MPLS are entered
    then the NMS need to update only the MPLS related
    management information rather than updating
    all of its management information.
    Acronyms and terms:

    CLI   Command Line Interface.

Imported Objects

InetAddress, InetAddressTypeINET-ADDRESS-MIB
Unsigned32, Gauge32, MODULE-IDENTITY, IpAddress, Counter32, Integer32, TimeTicks, NOTIFICATION-TYPE, OBJECT-TYPESNMPv2-SMI
DisplayString, TruthValue, DateAndTime, TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONSNMPv2-TC
ciscoConfigManMIBObjects .
ccmHistory .
ccmHistoryRunningLastChanged .
ccmHistoryRunningLastSaved .
ccmHistoryStartupLastChanged .
ccmHistoryMaxEventEntries .
ccmHistoryEventEntriesBumped .
ccmHistoryEventTable .
ccmHistoryEventEntry .
ccmHistoryEventIndex .
ccmHistoryEventCommandSourceAddress deprecated.
ccmHistoryEventVirtualHostName .
ccmHistoryEventServerAddress deprecated.
ccmHistoryEventFile .
ccmHistoryEventRcpUser .
ccmHistoryCLICmdEntriesBumped .
ccmHistoryEventCommandSourceAddrType .
ccmHistoryEventCommandSourceAddrRev1 .
ccmHistoryEventServerAddrType .
ccmHistoryEventServerAddrRev1 .
ccmHistoryEventTime .
ccmHistoryEventCommandSource .
ccmHistoryEventConfigSource .
ccmHistoryEventConfigDestination .
ccmHistoryEventTerminalType .
ccmHistoryEventTerminalNumber .
ccmHistoryEventTerminalUser .
ccmHistoryEventTerminalLocation .
ccmCLIHistory .
ccmCLIHistoryMaxCmdEntries .
ccmCLIHistoryCmdEntries .
ccmCLIHistoryCmdEntriesAllowed .
ccmCLIHistoryCommandTable .
ccmCLIHistoryCommandEntry .
ccmCLIHistoryCommandIndex .
ccmCLIHistoryCommand .
ccmCLICfg .
ccmCLICfgRunConfNotifEnable .
ccmCTIDObjects .
ccmCTID .
ccmCTIDLastChangeTime .
ccmCTIDWhoChanged .
ccmCTIDRolledOverNotifEnable .
ciscoConfigManMIBNotificationPrefix .
ciscoConfigManMIBNotifications .
ciscoConfigManEvent .
ccmCLIRunningConfigChanged .
ccmCTIDRolledOver .
ciscoConfigManMIBConformance .
ciscoConfigManMIBCompliances .
ciscoConfigManMIBGroups .