The VDSL-LINE-MIB found in RFC 3728 defines objects for
        the management of a pair of VDSL transceivers at each end of
        the VDSL line.  The VDSL-LINE-MIB configures and monitors the
        line code independent parameters (TC layer) of the VDSL line.
        This MIB module is an optional extension of the VDSL-LINE-MIB
        and defines objects for configuration and monitoring of the
        line code specific (LCS) elements (PMD layer) for VDSL lines
        using MCM coding.  The objects in this extension MIB MUST NOT
        be used for VDSL lines using Single Carrier Modulation (SCM)
        line coding.  If an object in this extension MIB is referenced
        by a line which does not use MCM, it has no effect on the
        operation of that line.
        Naming Conventions:
            Vtuc -- (VTUC) transceiver at near (Central) end of line
            Vtur -- (VTUR) transceiver at Remote end of line
            Vtu  -- One of either Vtuc or Vtur
            Curr -- Current
            LCS  -- Line Code Specific
            Max  -- Maximum
            PSD  -- Power Spectral Density
            Rx   -- Receive
            Tx   -- Transmit
        Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2005).  This version
        of this MIB module is part of RFC 4070: see the RFC
        itself for full legal notices.

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, transmission, Unsigned32SNMPv2-SMI
vdslExtMCMMIB .
vdslLineExtMCMMib .
vdslLineExtMCMMibObjects .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTable .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileEntry .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxWindowLength .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileRowStatus .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxBandTable .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxBandEntry .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxBandNumber .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxBandStart .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxBandStop .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxBandRowStatus .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileRxBandTable .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileRxBandEntry .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileRxBandNumber .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileRxBandStart .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileRxBandStop .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileRxBandRowStatus .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxPSDTable .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxPSDEntry .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxPSDNumber .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxPSDTone .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxPSDPSD .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileTxPSDRowStatus .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxTxPSDTable .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxTxPSDEntry .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxTxPSDNumber .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxTxPSDTone .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxTxPSDPSD .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxTxPSDRowStatus .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxRxPSDTable .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxRxPSDEntry .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxRxPSDNumber .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxRxPSDTone .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxRxPSDPSD .
vdslLineMCMConfProfileMaxRxPSDRowStatus .
vdslLineExtMCMConformance .
vdslLineExtMCMGroups .
vdslLineExtMCMCompliances .