This module defines MIB components for reading information
from the accounting rules IP Firewall. This would typically
let you read the rules and the counters. I did not include
some flags and fields that I considered irrelevant for the
accounting rules. Resetting the counters of the rules by SNMP
would be simple, but I don't consider it so useful. I gave no
consideration to implementing write access for allowing
modification of the accounting rules.


Imported Objects

OBJECT-TYPE, MODULE-IDENTITY, IpAddress, Integer32, Counter32SNMPv2-SMI
ipFwAccTable .
ipFwAccEntry .
ipFwAccIndex .
ipFwAccDir .
ipFwAccBytes .
ipFwAccPackets .
ipFwAccNrSrcPorts .
ipFwAccNrDstPorts .
ipFwAccSrcIsRange .
ipFwAccDstIsRange .
ipFwAccPort1 .
ipFwAccPort2 .
ipFwAccPort3 .
ipFwAccSrcAddr .
ipFwAccPort4 .
ipFwAccPort5 .
ipFwAccPort6 .
ipFwAccPort7 .
ipFwAccPort8 .
ipFwAccPort9 .
ipFwAccPort10 .
ipFwAccSrcNetMask .
ipFwAccDstAddr .
ipFwAccDstNetMask .
ipFwAccViaName .
ipFwAccViaAddr .
ipFwAccProto .
ipFwAccBidir .