Sub-tree for objects and events on the SMS.
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Imported Objects

tpt-products, tpt-regTIPPINGPOINT-REG-MIB
tpt-sms-family .
tpt-sms-model-1750 deprecated.
tpt-sms-model-vsmslite .
tpt-sms-model-h3 .
tpt-sms-model-h3-xl .
tpt-sms-model-1850 deprecated.
tpt-sms-model-1950 deprecated.
tpt-sms-model-vmware deprecated.
tpt-sms-model-h1 .
tpt-sms-model-xl .
tpt-sms-model-vsms .
tpt-sms-model-hp-2000 .
tpt-sms-model-hp-xl2000 .
tpt-smsMIBs .
tpt-sms-conf .
tpt-sms-groups .
tpt-sms-compls .
tpt-sms-objs .
tpt-sms-events .
tpt-sms-eventsV2 .
tpt-sms-notifypayload .