This document is the SNMP MIB module to manage and provision
        Filter features on Alcatel 7x50 systems.
        Copyright 2003-2012 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved.
        Reproduction of this document is authorized on the condition that
        the foregoing copyright notice is included.
        This SNMP MIB module (Specification) embodies Alcatel's
        proprietary intellectual property.  Alcatel retains
        all title and ownership in the Specification, including any
        Alcatel grants all interested parties a non-exclusive
        license to use and distribute an unmodified copy of this
        Specification in connection with management of Alcatel
        products, and without fee, provided this copyright notice and
        license appear on all copies.
        This Specification is supplied 'as is', and Alcatel
        makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the use,
        operation, condition, or performance of the Specification.

Imported Objects

InetAddressIPv6, InetAddressPrefixLengthINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, NOTIFICATION-TYPE, Unsigned32, Integer32, IpAddress, Counter32, Counter64, Gauge32, TimeTicks, OpaqueSNMPv2-SMI
TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, RowStatus, MacAddress, TruthValue, DisplayString, TimeStamp, RowPointerSNMPv2-TC
tIPFilterEntry, tIPv6FilterEntryTIMETRA-FILTER-MIB
timetraSRMIBModules, tmnxSRObjs, tmnxSRNotifyPrefix, tmnxSRConfsTIMETRA-GLOBAL-MIB
timetraSASObjs, timetraSASNotifyPrefix, timetraSASConfs, timetraSASModulesTIMETRA-SAS-GLOBAL-MIB
TmnxAdminState, TmnxOperState, TNamedItem, TNamedItemOrEmpty, Dot1PPriority, IpAddressPrefixLength, ServiceAccessPoint, TItemDescription, TDSCPNameOrEmpty, TDSCPFilterActionValue, TIpProtocol, TIpOption, TTcpUdpPort, TTcpUdpPortOperator, TFrameType, TmnxServId, TmnxPortID, TmnxEncapVal, SdpBindIdTIMETRA-TC-MIB
timetraSASFilterMIBModule .
tmnxSASFilterObjs .
tSASFilterObjects .
tIPFilterExtnTable .
tIPFilterExtnEntry .
tFilterUseIpv6Resource .
tIPv6FilterExtnTable .
tIPv6FilterExtnEntry .
tFilter64Bitsor128 .