This document is the SNMP MIB module for Alcatel-Lucent's 
implementation of BGP.

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There is one BGP instance per virtual router.  Each BGP instance
can have a number of peer groups.

The MIB objects here are organized in to four groups:
- global objects (nothing there for now)
- per-instance objects
- per-peer-group objects
- per-peer objects

The value of most BGP configuration objects can be defaulted at three
levels: at the per-peer level, at the peer group level, and at the
BGP instance level.  The per-peer object values are set:
- first by the peer object value, if set;
- second, if not set then by the peer-group object value, if that is
- third, if not set, by the instance object value.

Imported Objects

OBJECT-TYPE, Counter64, Integer32, Gauge32, MODULE-IDENTITY, NOTIFICATION-TYPE, IpAddress, Unsigned32, Counter32SNMPv2-SMI
TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, RowStatus, DisplayString, TruthValue, TimeStamp, TestAndIncrSNMPv2-TC
timetraSASObjs, timetraSASNotifyPrefix, timetraSASConfs, timetraSASModulesTIMETRA-SAS-GLOBAL-MIB
tmnxSASBgpConformance .
tmnxSASBgpGroups .
tmnxSASBgpObjects .
tBgpSASPeerObjects .
tBgpPeerNgParamsExtnTable .
tBgpPeerNgParamsExtnEntry .
tBgpPeerNgUseSvcRoutes .
bgp4PathAttrExtnTable .
bgp4PathAttrExtnEntry .
bgp4PathUseSvcRoutesOpt .