This document is the SNMP MIB module to manage and provision APS
functionality for the Alcatel-Lucent SROS products. This includes 
extensions to the APS MIB defined in RFC 3498.

Copyright 2004-2011 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved.
Reproduction of this document is authorized on the condition that
the foregoing copyright notice is included.

This SNMP MIB module (Specification) embodies Alcatel-Lucent's
proprietary intellectual property.  Alcatel-Lucent retains
all title and ownership in the Specification, including any

Alcatel-Lucent grants all interested parties a non-exclusive
license to use and distribute an unmodified copy of this
Specification in connection with management of Alcatel-Lucent
products, and without fee, provided this copyright notice and
license appear on all copies.

This Specification is supplied 'as is', and Alcatel-Lucent
makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the use,
operation, condition, or performance of the Specification.

Imported Objects

apsConfigEntry, apsCommandEntry, apsChanConfigEntry, apsCommandSwitch, apsStatusCurrent, apsStatusSwitchedChannel, apsStatusK1K2Trans, apsStatusK1K2RcvAPS-MIB
InetAddress, InetAddressTypeINET-ADDRESS-MIB
timetraSRMIBModules, tmnxSRObjs, tmnxSRConfs, tmnxSRNotifyPrefixTIMETRA-GLOBAL-MIB
tApsMIBConformance .
tmnxApsMIBCompliances .
tmnxApsMIBGroups .
tApsMIBObjs .
tApsCommandTable .
tApsCommandEntry .
tApsExerciseCommandResult .
tApsChanStatusTable .
tApsChanStatusEntry .
tApsChanTxLaisState .
tApsMcConfigTable .
tApsMcConfigEntry .
tApsMcNeighborAddrType .
tApsMcNeighborAddr .
tApsMcAdvertiseInterval .
tApsMcHoldTime .
tApsMcStatusTable .
tApsMcStatusEntry .
tApsMcApsCtlLinkState .
tApsConfigTable .
tApsConfigEntry .
tApsProtectionType .
tApsLineSFHoldTime .
tApsLineSDHoldTime .
tApsRdiAlarmGeneration .
tApsGroupCommandTable .
tApsGroupCommandEntry .
tApsAnnexBCommandSwitch .
tApsNotificationsPrefix .
tApsNotifications .
tApsModeMismatchClear .
tApsChanTxLaisStateChange .
tApsPrimaryChannelChange .
tApsChannelMismatchClear .
tApsPSBFClear .
tApsFEPLFClear .
tApsLocalSwitchCommandSet .
tApsLocalSwitchCommandClear .
tApsRemoteSwitchCommandSet .
tApsRemoteSwitchCommandClear .
tApsMcApsCtlLinkStateChange .