Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Server MIB module.  SIP is an
application-layer signaling protocol for creating, modifying,
and terminating multimedia sessions with one or more
participants.  These sessions include Internet multimedia
conferences and Internet telephone calls.  SIP is defined in
RFC 3261 (June 2002).

This MIB is defined for the management of SIP Proxy, Redirect,
and Registrar Servers.

A Proxy Server acts as both a client and a server.  It accepts
requests from other clients, either responding to them or
passing them on to other servers, possibly after modification.

A Redirect Server accepts requests from clients and returns
zero or more addresses to that client.  Unlike a User Agent
Server, it does not accept calls.

A Registrar is a server that accepts REGISTER requests.  A
Registrar is typically co-located with a Proxy or Redirect

Copyright (C) The IETF Trust (2007).  This version of
this MIB module is part of RFC 4780; see the RFC itself for
full legal notices.

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Counter32, Unsigned32, Gauge32, mib-2SNMPv2-SMI
TruthValue, TimeStamp, DateAndTimeSNMPv2-TC
sipServerMIBObjects .
sipServerCfg .
sipServerCfgTable .
sipServerCfgEntry .
sipServerCfgHostAddressType .
sipServerCfgHostAddress .
sipServerProxyCfg .
sipServerProxyCfgTable .
sipServerProxyCfgEntry .
sipServerCfgProxyStatefulness .
sipServerCfgProxyRecursion .
sipServerCfgProxyRecordRoute .
sipServerCfgProxyAuthMethod .
sipServerCfgProxyAuthDefaultRealm .
sipServerProxyStats .
sipServerProxyStatsTable .
sipServerProxyStatsEntry .
sipServerProxyStatProxyReqFailures .
sipServerProxyStatsDisconTime .
sipServerRegCfg .
sipServerRegCfgTable .
sipServerRegCfgEntry .
sipServerRegMaxContactExpiryDuration .
sipServerRegMaxUsers .
sipServerRegCurrentUsers .
sipServerRegDfltRegActiveInterval .
sipServerRegUserTable .
sipServerRegUserEntry .
sipServerRegUserIndex .
sipServerRegUserUri .
sipServerRegUserAuthenticationFailures .
sipServerRegUserDisconTime .
sipServerRegContactTable .
sipServerRegContactEntry .
sipServerRegContactIndex .
sipServerRegContactDisplayName .
sipServerRegContactURI .
sipServerRegContactLastUpdated .
sipServerRegContactExpiry .
sipServerRegContactPreference .
sipServerRegStats .
sipServerRegStatsTable .
sipServerRegStatsEntry .
sipServerRegStatsAcceptedRegs .
sipServerRegStatsRejectedRegs .
sipServerRegStatsDisconTime .
sipServerMIBConformance .
sipServerMIBCompliances .
sipServerMIBGroups .