The MIB module for Enterasys Networks wireless switch registrations.
        Copyright 2006 Enterasys Networks, Inc.
        All rights reserved.
        This SNMP Management Information Base
        Specification (Specification) embodies
        confidential and proprietary intellectual property.
        This Specification is supplied 'AS IS' and Enterasys Networks
        makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the use,
        operation, condition, or performance of the Specification.

Imported Objects

rbtwsWirelessSwitch .
rbtwsSwitch8100 .
rbtwsSwitch8200 .
rbtwsSwitch8400 .
rbtwsRegistrationMib .
rbtwsChassisComponents .
rbtwsChasCompPowerSupplies .
rbtwsChasCompPowerSupply1 .
rbtwsChasCompPowerSupply2 .
rbtwsChasCompFans .
rbtwsChasCompFan1 .
rbtwsChasCompFan2 .
rbtwsChasCompFan3 .