The MIB module provides enterprise-specific extensions
        to the PPP-BRIDGE-MIB for managing the Bridge Control
        Protocol (BCP) on subnetwork interfaces that use the 
        family of point-to-Point Protocols (PPP).  BCP is a 
        member of the Network Control Protocol suite of 
        point-to-point protocols.
        The following documents should be referenced with 
        respect to this MIB module:
        [RFC 1474]    Kastenholz, F., `The Definitions of 
                      Managed Objects for the Bridge Network 
                      Control Protocol of the Point-to-Point 
                      Protocol', June 1993.
        [RFC 1661]    Simpson, W., `The Point-to-Point 
                      Protocol', July 1994.
        [RFC 3518]    Higashiyama, M., Baker, F., and Liao, T.,
                      `Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Bridging 
                      Control Protocol (BCP)', April 2003.

Imported Objects

SwitchState, PdnPPPStatePDN-TC
pppBridgeEntry, pppBridgeMediaConfigEntryPPP-BRIDGE-NCP-MIB
pdnPppBridgeExtMIB .
pdnPppBridgeExtNotifications .
pdnPppBridgeExtObjects .
pdnPppBridgeExtTable .
pdnPppBridgeExtEntry .
pdnPppBridgeBcpLinkStatusCurrState .
pdnPppBridgeLocalToRemote802Tagged .
pdnPppBridgeRemoteToLocal802Tagged .
pdnPppBridgeMediaConfigExtTable .
pdnPppBridgeMediaConfigExtEntry .
pdnPppBridgeMediaIeee802Tagged .
pdnPppBridgeExtAFNs .
pdnPppBridgeExtConformance .
pdnPppBridgeExtCompliances .
pdnPppBridgeExtGroups .
pdnPppBridgeExtObjGroups .
pdnPppBridgeExtAfnGroups .
pdnPppBridgeExtNtfyGroups .