The MIB module for the management of a group of
        devices called a 'cluster'.  A cluster comprises:
        1. A command switch, which is a device that can provide
           a single point of management (including SNMP, Web
           Console and CLI/Telnet Console) for the devices
           in the cluster;
        2. Zero or more expansion switches, or called the
           cluster members throughout the context of this MIB,
           which are devices that can be managed via a command 
           switch.  The command switch is also considered as a 
           cluster member.  Thus it has an entry in the MIB tables
           defined below for cluster members.
        Only the command switch IP address, passwords, and SNMP
        community strings need to be configured in order to
        provide management access to members of the cluster.
        The Entity MIB is not cross-referenced from this MIB.
        To determine if a particular device can be a command switch
        or a member switch please refer to the device's
        user's guide.

Imported Objects

MacAddress, TimeStamp, DisplayString, RowStatusSNMPv2-TC
myClusterMIB .
myClusterMIBObjects .
scStatus .
scStatusClusterName .
scStatusClusterMode .
scStatusClusterStatus .
scStatusCommanderMacAddress .
scStatusTimeOfLastChange .
scStatusMaxNumberOfMembers .
scStatusLastFailureAddMember .
scMember .
scMemberTable .
scMemberEntry .
scMemberMacAddress .
scMemberNumber .
scMemberOperStatus .
scMemberDeviceID .
scMemberRowStatus .
scCandidate .
scCandidateTable .
scCandidateEntry .
scCandidateMacAddress .
myClusterTraps .
myClusterMIBConformance .
myClusterMIBCompliances .
myClusterMIBGroups .