Textual conventions used throughout the IEEE Std 802.1AB
        version 2 and later MIB modules.
        Unless otherwise indicated, the references in this
        MIB module are to IEEE 802.1AB-2009.
        The TCs in this MIB are taken from the original LLDP-MIB,
        LLDP-EXT-DOT1-MIB, and LLDP-EXT-DOT3-MIB published in
        IEEE Std 802-1D-2005, with the addition of TCs to support
        the management address table. They have been made available
        as a separate TC MIB module to facilitate referencing from
        other MIB modules.
        Copyright (C) IEEE (2009). This version of this MIB module
        is published as subclause 11.5.1 of IEEE Std 802.1AB-2009;
        see the standard itself for full legal notices.

Imported Objects

ieee802dot1mibs .
lldpV2TcMIB .