This is the management module of the Secure Device Identifier
        (DevID) for managing IEEE 802.1AR. As specified in the current
        IEEE 802.1AR draft document.
        This is the management module of the Secure Device Identifier
        (DevID) for managing IEEE 802.1AR. A DevID is cryptographically
        bound to a device, and supports authentication of the device's
        identity. Locally significant identities can be securely
        associated with an initial manufacturer-provisioned DevID and
        used in provisioning and authentication protocols to allow a
        network administrator to establish the trustworthiness of a 
        device and select appropriate policies for transmission and 
        reception of data and control protocols to and from the device. 
        A device indicates any entity in an IEEE 802 LAN that seeks to 
        obtain services from the network.
        The use of a Secure Device Identifier (DevID) in a DevID module
        allows network entities to associate a DevID credential with
        devices that participate or wish to participate in authenticated
        access to one or more networks.
        A device with DevID capability incorporates a globally unique
        manufacturer provided Initial SecureDevice Identifier (IDevID),
        stored in a way that ensures it will remain unmodified in the
        absence of both unrestricted access to the device and
        extraordinary efforts by an attacker.
        The device may support the creation of Locally Signification
        Device Identifiers (LDevIDs) by network administrator. Each
        LDevID is bound to the device in a way that makes it impossible
        for it to be forged or transferred to a device with a different
        IDevID without knowledge of the private key used to effect the
        crytographic binding. LDevID can incorporate, and fully protect,
        additional information specified by the network administrator to
        support local authorization conventions. LDevIDs may also be 
        used to entirely replace IDevIDs in such a way as to assure the 
        privacy of the user of a LDevID and the equipment in which it is
        Every device has exactly one (IDevID) and zero or more LDevIDs.
        The number of LDevIDs depends upon the capabilities of the DevID
        module and on the administrative policy of the network(s) in 
        which the device is used

Imported Objects

PhysicalIndex, entPhysicalIndexENTITY-MIB
ieee8021DevIDMIB .
devIDMIBNotifications .
devIDMIBObjects .
devIDGlobalMIBObjects .
devIDMgmtMIBObjects .
devIDPublicKeyCount .
devIDPublicKeyTable .
devIDPublicKeyEntry .
devIDPublicKeyIndex .
devIDPublicKeyEnabled .
devIDPublicKeyAlgorithm .
devIDPublicKeyPubkeySHA1Hash .
devIDPublicKeyErrStatus .
devIDCredentialCount .
devIDCredentialTable .
devIDCredentialEntry .
devIDCredentialIndex .
devIDCredentialErrStatus .
devIDCredentialEnabled .
devIDCredentialSHA1Hash .
devIDCredentialSerialNumber .
devIDCredentialIssuer .
devIDCredentialSubject .
devIDCredentialSubjectAltName .
devIDCredentialEntityIndex .
devIDCredentialPubkeyIndex .
devIDStatisticsTable .
devIDStatisticsEntry .
devIDStatisticKeyGenerationCount .
devIDStatisticKeyInsertionCount .
devIDStatisticKeyDeletionCount .
devIDStatisticCSRGenerationCount .
devIDStatisticCredentialInsertionCount .
devIDStatisticCredentialDeletionCount .
devIDStatisticCertInsertionCount .
devIDStatisticCertDeletionCount .
devIDModuleTable .
devIDModuleEntry .
devIDModuleSupportsLDevIDs .
devIDModuleGeneratesLDevIDKeys .
devIDModuleInsertsLDevIDKeys .
devIDCertTable .
devIDCertEntry .
devIDCertFingerprint .
devIDCertPublicKeyInfoFprint .
devIDCertIDevID .
devIDCertKeyEnabled .
devIDCertEnabled .
devIDCert .
devIDChainTable .
devIDChainEntry .
devIDChainCertIndex .
devIDChainCertFingerprint .
devIDChainCert .
devIDStatsMIBObjects .
devIDMIBConformance .
devIDMIBCompliances .
devIDMIBGroups .