This module defines a set of textual conventions
        for use by the TN3270E-MIB and the TN3270E-RT-MIB.
        Any additions or changes to the contents of this
        MIB module must first be discussed on the tn3270e
        working group list at: tn3270e&list.nih.gov
        and approved by one of the following TN3270E
        working group contacts:
            Ed Bailey (co-chair) - elbailey&us.ibm.com
            Michael Boe (co-chair) - mboe&cisco.com
            Ken White - kennethw&vnet.ibm.com
            Robert Moore - remoore&us.ibm.com
        The above list of contacts can be altered with
        the approval of the two co-chairs.
        The Textual Conventions defined within this MIB have
        no security issues associated with them unless
        explicitly stated in their corresponding
        DESCRIPTION clause.

Imported Objects

ianaTn3270eTcMib .