This MIB module defines the IANACharset
        TEXTUAL-CONVENTION.  The IANACharset TC is used to
        specify the encoding of string objects defined in
        a MIB.
        Each version of this MIB will be released based on
        the IANA Charset Registry file (see RFC 2978) at
        Note:  The IANACharset TC, originally defined in
        RFC 1759, was inaccurately named CodedCharSet.
        Note:  Best practice is to define new MIB string
        objects with invariant UTF-8 (RFC 3629) syntax
        using the SnmpAdminString TC (defined in RFC 3411)
        in accordance with IETF Policy on Character Sets and
        Languages (RFC 2277).
        Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2004).  The
        initial version of this MIB module was published
        in RFC 3808; for full legal notices see the RFC
        itself.  Supplementary information may be
        available on

Imported Objects

ianaCharsetMIB .