The MIB module for representing multiple logical
entities supported by a single SNMP agent.

This is an exact copy of draft 7 of the IETF
Entity MIB.  The only changes are to actually
assign an OID to it, and add hp to the beginning
of all the labels.  This was done only because
a product that uses this MIB is scheduled to ship
before the IETF MIB will be published as an RFC,
and we needed to give it an OID.

It is expected that this MIB module will only be
supported until the IETF actually publishes the
official version as an RFC.  At that time, we will
support the IETF version of this MIB.

Imported Objects

TDomain, TAddress, DisplayString, TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, AutonomousType, RowPointer, TimeStampSNMPv2-TC
hpEntityMIBObjects .
hpEntityPhysical .
hpEntPhysicalTable obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalEntry obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalIndex obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalDescr obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalVendorType obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalContainedIn obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalClass obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalParentRelPos obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalName obsolete.
hpEntityLogical .
hpEntLogicalTable obsolete.
hpEntLogicalEntry obsolete.
hpEntLogicalIndex obsolete.
hpEntLogicalDescr obsolete.
hpEntLogicalType obsolete.
hpEntLogicalCommunity obsolete.
hpEntLogicalTAddress obsolete.
hpEntLogicalTDomain obsolete.
hpEntityMapping .
hpEntLPMappingTable obsolete.
hpEntLPMappingEntry obsolete.
hpEntLPPhysicalIndex obsolete.
hpEntAliasMappingTable obsolete.
hpEntAliasMappingEntry obsolete.
hpEntAliasLogicalIndexOrZero obsolete.
hpEntAliasMappingIdentifier obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalContainsTable obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalContainsEntry obsolete.
hpEntPhysicalChildIndex obsolete.
hpEntityGeneral .
hpEntLastChangeTime obsolete.
hpEntityMIBTraps .
hpEntityMIBTrapPrefix .
hpEntConfigChange obsolete.
hpEntityConformance .
hpEntityCompliances .
hpEntityGroups .