This MIB provides more information for WLAN network.


IEEE 802.11
Standard to encourage interoperability among
wireless networking equipment.

IEEE 802.11e
Standard to define the MAC procedures to support
LAN applications with Quality of Service (QoS) requirements,
including the transport of voice, audio and video over
IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs.

Access point (AP)
Transmitter/receiver (transceiver) device
that commonly connects and transports data
between a wireless network and a wired network.

Access control (AC)
To control and manage multi-APs, it will bridge
wireless and wired network.

The chip set to receive and send wireless signal.

Fat AP
Applied in the home, SOHO and so on, and it could
independently work without help from AC.

Fit AP
Applied in the enterprise environment, it will work
under the control and management from AC.

Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points Protocol
The short name of protocol is CAPWAP. AC will control
and manage AP by CAPWAP tunnel protocol defined by IETF.
Also, a data tunnel will be set up between AC and AP.

Basic Service Set
The IEEE 802.11 BSS of an AP comprises of the
stations directly associating with the AP. It will
be identified by BSSID.

Imported Objects

h3cDot11, H3cDot11ObjectIDType, H3cDot11RadioScopeType, H3cDot11QosAcTypeH3C-DOT11-REF-MIB
h3cDot11RFGroup .
h3cDot11RFSignalStatisTable .
h3cDot11RFSignalStatisEntry .
h3cDot11RFAPID .
h3cDot11RFRadioID .
h3cDot11RFSignalStatisInterv .
h3cDot11RFAverageSignalStrength .
h3cDot11RFMaxSignalStrength .
h3cDot11RFMinSignalStrength .
h3cDot11QosGroup .
h3cDot11QosStatisTable .
h3cDot11QosStatisEntry .
h3cDot11QosAPID .
h3cDot11QosRadioID .
h3cDot11QosAverageQueLen .
h3cDot11QosDropFrameRatio .
h3cDot11QosAverageDataRate .
h3cDot11QosAcStatisTable .
h3cDot11QosAcStatisEntry .
h3cDot11QosAcType .
h3cDot11AcDropFrameCnt .