Dell Networking OS Trap Alarm MIB.
        Dell Networking OS Trap Event MIB allows users to track or to view 
        the trap events logged by the system.  There are two types
        of trap event tables, hostory trap event table and active
        trap event table.
        All the traps sent by the system are logged to history trap
        event table. The trap that need action will logged to active
        trap event table; 'Card down' trap event will go to the active
        trap event table, and the trap will be cleared as soon as
        'Card Up' event is issued.

Imported Objects

DateAndTime, DisplayString, RowPointerSNMPv2-TC
f10TrapEventMib .
f10TrapEventObjects .
f10HistoryTrapEvent .
f10ChassisBootupTime .
f10LastTrapEventSeqId .
f10MaxHistoryTableSize .
f10HistoryTrapEventTable .
f10HistoryTrapEventEntry .
historyTrapEventSeqId .
historyTrapEventSeverity .
historyTrapEventType .
historyTrapEventMsg .
historyTrapEventOid .
historyTrapEventSlot .
historyTrapEventTimeStamp .
historyTrapEventPort .
f10ActiveTrapEvent .
f10ActiveTrapEventTable .
f10ActiveTrapEventEntry .
activeTrapEventSeqId .
activeTrapEventSeverity .
activeTrapEventType .
activeTrapEventMsg .
activeTrapEventOid .
activeTrapEventSlot .
activeTrapEventTimeStamp .
activeTrapEventPort .
f10TrapVarbindEvent .
f10TrapEventVarbindTable .
f10TrapEventVarbindEntry .
trapEventVarbindSeqId .
trapEventVarbindId .
trapEventVarbindOid .
trapEventVarbindType .
trapEventVarbindValue .