The Enterasys Networks Proprietary MIB module for entities 
        implementing the client side of the Remote Access Dialin 
        User Service (RADIUS) authentication protocol (RFC2865).
                             N O T I C E
        Use of this MIB in any product requires the approval
        of the Office of the CTO, Enterasys Networks, Inc.  
        Permission to use this MIB will not be granted for 
        products in which SNMPv3 is now, or will soon be,
        implemented.  Permission to use this MIB in products
        that are never scheduled to implement SNMPv3 will be 
        granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on what 
        other suitable, secure means of RADIUS client 
        configuration are available in the product.
        The standard RADIUS Authentication Client MIB (RFC2618)
        does not have any writable objects, and is missing key 
        objects needed for configuration.
        Use of this MIB requires encryption/decryption for security
        during transmission, using SNMPv1.  Therefore, there are two 
        separate processes needed to use this MIB.  
        1)  The standard processes for SNMP gets and sets.
        2)  The encoding/encryption or decryption/decoding of objects.
        The encryption/decryption algorithm, as presented herein, is
        taken from the RADIUS protocol, and is the method specified
        for encryption of Tunnel-Password Attributes in RFC 2868.
        For a detailed discussion of the encoding/decoding and 
        encryption/decryption of applicable objects, refer to the 
        definition of RadiusEncryptionString defined in the Textual 
        Conventions section of this MIB.
        Note that the encryption/decryption method makes use of an 
        agreed-upon Secret and an Authenticator which are shared between
        the RADIUS Client SNMP interface and the management entity
        implementing the MIB.
        The reason that the shared secret and authenticator are 
        algorithmically derived in the RADIUS Client / SNMP Agent
        and in the SNMP Management Station is to permit plug-'n-play
        remote installation, configuration and management of the device.
        An object is included to allow remote management of the 
        Authenticator portion of the encryption key.  It is suggested 
        that this value be changed by the network administrator after
        initial configuration of the system.
        On receipt, the process is reversed to yield the plain-text 

Imported Objects

etsysRadiusAuthClientEncryptMIB .
etsysRadiusAuthClientEncryptMIBObjects .
etsysRadiusAuthClientRetryTimeoutEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientRetriesEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientEnableEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientAuthTypeEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientManageAuthKeyEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthServerEncryptTable obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthServerEncryptEntry obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthServerIndexEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientServerAddressEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientServerPortNumberEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientServerSecretEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientServerSecretEnteredEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientServerClearTimeEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientServerStatusEncrypt obsolete.
etsysRadiusAuthClientEncryptMIBConformance .
etsysRadiusAuthClientEncryptMIBCompliances .
etsysRadiusAuthClientEncryptMIBGroups .