This MIB module provides the ability to configure the 
        Port Web Authentication (PWA) component in a switch.
        PWA provides a way of authenticating a user on a 
        switch port before allowing the user general access
        to the network. Only the essential protocols and
        services required by the authentication process
        are allowed on the segment between the end-station
        and the switch port. All other traffic will be
        discarded.  When a user is in the unauthenticated
        state, any traffic generated by the end-station
        will not go beyond the switch port that they are 
        connected to.
        The PWA/login process from the user standpoint is
        simple. The user makes a request via their favorite
        web browser for the 'secureharbour' web page. Depending 
        upon the authenticated state of the port, a login page
        is provided so that the user can enter their username
        and password, or a logout page is presented to the user.
        When they submit their login page, the switch will then 
        authenticate them via a preconfigured radius server. 
        If the login is successful, then the port that the
        end-station is connected to will be turned on and
        full network access will be granted according to the 
        users port configuration on the switch.
        This MIB module also provides status about the PWA
        component and statistics about all current users who
        are logged into the switch.

Imported Objects

InetAddressType, InetAddressINET-ADDRESS-MIB
MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Counter32, Counter64, Integer32, IpAddressSNMPv2-SMI
TruthValue, TimeStamp, TimeInterval, MacAddress, DisplayStringSNMPv2-TC
etsysPwaMIB .
etsysPwaSystem .
etsysPwaSystemAuthControl .
etsysPwaSystemAuthInetAddress .
etsysPwaSystemAuthEnhancedMode .
etsysPwaLogoDisplayStatus .
etsysPwaSystemGuestUsername .
etsysPwaSystemGuestPassword .
etsysPwaSystemGuestPasswordValid .
etsysPwaSystemGuestNetworkingStatus .
etsysPwaSystemEnhancedModeRefreshTime .
etsysPwaSystemAccountEnable .
etsysPwaSystemAuthHostName .
etsysPwaSystemAuthBanner .
etsysPwaSystemPwaNameServicesEnable .
etsysPwaSystemAuthIPAddressType deprecated.
etsysPwaSystemAuthIPAddress deprecated.
etsysPwaSystemAuthProtocol .
etsysPwaSystemAuthDomain .
etsysPwaSystemAuthInetAddressType .
etsysPwaPortConfiguration .
etsysPwaPortConfigurationTable .
etsysPwaPortConfigurationEntry .
etsysPwaPortNumber .
etsysPwaInitializePort .
etsysPwaAuthQuietPeriod .
etsysPwaAuthMaxReq .
etsysPwaControlledPortControl .
etsysPwaPortStatus .
etsysPwaAuthStatusTable .
etsysPwaAuthStatusEntry .
etsysPwaAuthPwaState .
etsysPwaMaxFailedAttempts .
etsysPwaFailedAttemptsSinceLogon .
etsysPwaLastLogonResult .
etsysPwaSession .
etsysPwaAuthSessionStatsTable .
etsysPwaAuthSessionStatsEntry .
etsysPwaAuthSessionID .
etsysPwaAuthSessionTerminateCause .
etsysPwaAuthSessionMacAddress .
etsysPwaAuthSessionIPAddressType .
etsysPwaAuthSessionIPAddress .
etsysPwaAuthSessionUserName .
etsysPwaAuthSessionOctetsRx .
etsysPwaAuthSessionOctetsRxOverflow .
etsysPwaAuthSessionOctetsTx .
etsysPwaAuthSessionOctetsTxOverflow .
etsysPwaAuthSessionFramesRx .
etsysPwaAuthSessionFramesTx .
etsysPwaAuthSessionStartTime .
etsysPwaAuthSessionDuration .
etsysPwaAuthSessionStatsHCTable .
etsysPwaAuthSessionStatsHCEntry .
etsysPwaAuthSessionHCID .
etsysPwaAuthSessionOctetsRxHc .
etsysPwaAuthSessionOctetsTxHc .
etsysPwaMIBGroups .
etsysPwaMIBCompliances .