This MIB, located under the DHT-EXTENSION branch
        contains the interface for the ENET module.
        Enet is a Network Monitoring Package that allows the DHT to test
        the network's performance at the DOCSIS, IP & VoIP levels
        Theory Of operation:
        The DHT controlled by this MIB sends or receives a test stream to/from
        another test endpoint.  A measurement application is responsible to control
        both endpoints to setup compatible test streams and to gather results
        from both endpoints.  The measurement application can implement the other 
        endpoint as well such as in the case of the EnetToolbox Server.
        The Enet Module is a licensed feature.  The dhtEnetCapabilities branch is 
        used by the DHT to advertised its capabilities in terms of available & 
        licensed features. enetLicenseKey MIB is used by the server to send the 
        license key that will activate the selected feature set.
        The DHT can implement enetMaxTestInstance simultaneous test streams.  Each 
        test stream is controlled by a separate entry in the enetTestControlTable.
        This table contains a series of controls that enable the server to set two 
        basic types of tests:  raw UDP packets test & RTP tests.  Raw UDP tests can
        be used to test packet loss and throughput while RTP tests can be used to 
        simultate a VoIP connection and estimate the equivalent call quality.  Some
        controls are used only for VoIP tests, see comments in each MIB description
        for details.
        From the DHT's point of view, each test stream has three possible directions:
        transmission, reception or loopback.  The direction is inferred from the 
        enetTestSenderIP & enetTestReceiverIP MIBs, the DHT will detect its address 
        in one of the two MIB and set itself up accordingly.  When none of the two 
        MIB contains the DHT's address a mirror (loopback) mode is used.
        The enetCurrentResultsTable displays the test results for each test 
        instance.  The results are refreshed periodically during the test at 
        enetPollingInterval value.  The results are cumulative from the start of the
        test.  enetResultsStatus, shows if the test is in-progress or completed.
        The measuring application is responsible to verify the integrity of the test 
        results, No mechanism is provided to avoid a third application from changing
        the test parameters.  However if the results shown in enetCurrentResultsTable
        are not corresponding to the current setup found in enetTestControlTable the 
        enetResultsStatus MIB will indicate that the results are inconsistent.

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Integer32, Counter32, Unsigned32, IpAddress, Gauge32SNMPv2-SMI
TruthValue, DateAndTimeSNMPv2-TC
dhtEnetMibObjects .
dhtEnetCapabilities .
enetSupport .
enetPerFeatureSupport .
enetConstellationDisplaySupport .
enetUDPTestSupport .
enetVOIPTestSupport .
enetSMRPTestSupport .
enetModuleVersion .
enetMaxTestInstance .
dhtEnetGlobalControls .
enetLicenseKey .
enetPollingInterval .
dhtEnetPacketTests .
dhtEnetPktTestControls .
enetTestControlTable .
enetTestControlEntry .
enetTestIndex .
enetTestPacketInterval .
enetTestPacketRate .
enetTestNumOfPackets .
enetTestJitterBufferSize .
enetTestQosControl .
enetTestCodecType .
enetTestTosByte .
enetTestRoundTripTimeEstimate .
enetTestStatus .
enetTestStatusString .
enetTestIdString .
enetTestControl .
enetTestSenderIP .
enetTestSenderUDPPort .
enetTestReceiverIP .
enetTestReceiverUDPPort .
enetTestType .
enetTestPacketSize .
dhtEnetPktTestResults .
enetCurrentResultsTable .
enetCurrentResultsEntry .
enetResultsIndex .
enetResultsPacketLossRate .
enetResultsPacketDiscardRate .
enetResultsMinInstantJitter .
enetResultsMaxInstantJitter .
enetResultsAvgInstantJitter .
enetResultsMinRfcJitterLevel .
enetResultsMaxRfcJitterLevel .
enetResultsAvgRfcJitterLevel .
enetResultsRCQ .
enetResultsRLQ .
enetResultsIdString .
enetResultsMOSCQ .
enetResultsMOSLQ .
enetResultsStatus .
enetResultsDuration .
enetResultsStartTime .
enetResultsStopTime .
enetResultsProcessedPacketCount .
enetResultsLossPacketCount .
enetResultsDiscardedPacketCount .
dhtEnetDOCSISMonitoring .
enetDocsisMonResetCounters .
enetDocsisMonPreFECErrorRate .
enetDocsisMonPostFECErrorRate .
enetDocsisMonErroredSeconds .
enetDocsisMonSeverelyErroredSeconds .
enetDocsisMonTimeElapsed .