The aniDevRoutingTable allows the user to view and configure routes.
        It is similar to the ipRouteTable in RFC1213 except that the table 
        is indexed on 3 objects (aniDevRouteDest, aniDevRouteNextHop, 
        aniDevRouteMask instead of just one). Also, some of the objects
        are read-only since our software does not allow their configuration.
        Routes can be added and deleted using this table. The 
        aniDevRouteNextHop field for existing routes can be modified. 
        To add an entry, send a set request with all the index fields set
        appropriately. It is required to specify aniDevRouteFlag while
        adding a new route.
        To delete an entry, select the row with the correct index fields and 
        set the parameter aniDevRouteType to invalid(2).
        Note, aniDevRouteType cannot be set as anything else other than invalid(2).
        When the device (BSU or SU) is in Bridge mode, the routing table will 
        not be displayed.

Imported Objects