Cisco WRED MIB - Overview
        Cisco Weighted Random Early Detection/Drop is a method which avoids
        traffic congestion on an output interface.  Congestion is
        detected by computing the average output queue size against preset
        thresholds. WRED support are on the IP fast switching and
        IP flow switching only.  It does not apply to IP process switching.
        This MIB incorporates objects from the Cisco WRED line interfaces.
        Its purpose is to provide Weighted Random Early Detection/Drop
        packet configuration and packet filtering information.
        WRED are configured/enabled through the CLI command.
        Defaults configuration values are assigned and values can be
        modified through additional CLI commands.

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Integer32, Gauge32, Counter32SNMPv2-SMI
ciscoWredMIB .
ciscoWredMIBObjects .
cwredConfig .
cwredConfigGlobTable .
cwredConfigGlobEntry .
cwredConfigGlobQueueWeight .
cwredConfigPrecedTable .
cwredConfigPrecedEntry .
cwredConfigPrecedPrecedence .
cwredConfigPrecedMinDepthThreshold .
cwredConfigPrecedMaxDepthThreshold .
cwredConfigPrecedPktsDropFraction .
cwredStats .
cwredQueueTable .
cwredQueueEntry .
cwredQueueAverage .
cwredQueueDepth .
cwredStatTable .
cwredStatEntry .
cwredStatSwitchedPkts .
cwredStatRandomFilteredPkts .
cwredStatMaxFilteredPkts .
ciscoWredMIBConformance .
ciscoWredMIBCompliances .
ciscoWredMIBGroups .