This MIB is intended to be implemented on all those
devices operating as Central Controllers (CC)  that
terminate the Light Weight Access Point Protocol
tunnel from Cisco Light-weight CAPWAP Access Points.

This MIB provides configuration about Hotspot 2.0
functionality as defined by WiFi Alliance.

Particularly there are two main configuration groups
related to Hotspot:

  - ANQP server configuration
  - Hotspot icon configuration

The ANQP server configuration contains the server
parameters and the network information that the client
can query through the GAS/ANQP protocol.
A given ANQP server is associated to a policy-profile,
which is then mapped to a WLAN.

The Hotspot icon configuration allows to define the
properties of the icons stored on the CC that can be
associated to an Online Sing-up (OSU) provider defined
in the ANQP server.


Access Point ( AP )

An entity that contains an 802.11 medium access
control ( MAC ) and physical layer ( PHY ) interface
and provides access to the distribution services via
the wireless medium for associated clients.

LWAPP APs encapsulate all the 802.11 frames in
LWAPP frames and sends them to the controller to which
it is logically connected.

Central Controller ( CC )

The central entity that terminates the LWAPP protocol
tunnel from the LWAPP APs.  Throughout this MIB,
this entity is also referred to as 'controller'.

Light Weight Access Point Protocol ( LWAPP )

This is a generic protocol that defines the
communication between the Access Points and the
Central Controller.

Mobile Node ( MN )

A roaming 802.11 wireless device in a wireless
network associated with an access point.

Access Network Query Protocol ( ANQP )

This is a query and response protocol used by a Mobile
Node to discover information about the network advertised
by an Access Point.

Generic Advertisement Service ( GAS )

It provides the Layer 2 transport between MN and a server
in the network for the advertisement protocol frames prior
to authentication.

Organization Identifier ( OI )

Identifies an operator, manufacturer or organization. It is
assigned by IEEE.

ANQP server

This is the server that replies to the ANQP queries, providing
the requested information. In can be the AP itself, the CC or an
external entity.

Service Set Identifier ( SSID )

A service set identifier is a name that identifies a
particular 802.11 wireless LAN. A client device
receives broadcast messages from all access points
within range advertising their SSIDs. The client
device can then either manually or automatically,
based on configuration, select the network with which
to associate. The SSID can be up to 32 characters long.

Homogeneous Extended Service Set Identifier ( HESSID )

This is a globally unique identifier, in MAC address format,
used to identify a group of APs connected to the same list
of Service Providers or other destination network(s).

Network Access Identifier ( NAI )

In order to provide roaming services, it is necessary
to have a standardized method for  identifying users.
NAI is actually the user identity submitted by the client
during network authentication.

Hotspot Operator Icon

An icon representing a given operator.


        [1] Wireless LAN Medium Access Control ( MAC ) and
            Physical Layer ( PHY ) Specifications.

        [2] Draft-obara-capwap-lwapp-00.txt, IETF Light
            Weight Access Point Protocol.

Imported Objects

MacAddress, TruthValue, RowStatusSNMPv2-TC
cLHotspotAnqpServerConfigTable .
cLHotspotAnqpServerConfigEntry .
cLHotspotAnqpServerName .
cLHotspotAnqpDomainId .
cLHotspotAnqpDomainIdEnabled .
cLHotspotAnqpServerIpv4AddressType .
cLHotspotAnqpServerIpv6AddressType .
cLHotspotAnqpOsuSsid .
cLHotspotWanLinkStatus .
cLHotspotWanIsAtCapacity .
cLHotspotWanDownlinkSpeed .
cLHotspotWanUplinkSpeed .
cLHotspotWanDownlinkLoad .
cLHotspotAnqpServerRowStatus .
cLHotspotWanUplinkLoad .
cLHotspotWanLoadMeasDuration .
cLHotspotAnqpServerDescription .
cLHotspotAnqpServerInternetEnabled .
cLHotspotAnqpServerNetworkType .
cLHotspotAnqpServerVenueType .
cLHotspotAnqpServerHessid .
cLHotspotGasRequestTimeout .
cLHotspotAnqpFragmentationThreshold .
cLHotspotOsuProviderTable .
cLHotspotOsuProviderEntry .
cLHotspotOsuProviderName .
cLHotspotOsuProviderRowStatus .
cLHotspotOsuProviderServerUri .
cLHotspotOsuProviderNai .
cLHotspotOsuProviderPrimaryMethod .
cLHotspotOsuProviderSecondaryMethod .
cLHotspotOsuProviderFriendlyNameTable .
cLHotspotOsuProviderFriendlyNameEntry .
cLHotspotOsuProviderFriendlyNameLanguage .
cLHotspotOsuProviderFriendlyNameRowStatus .
cLHotspotOsuProviderFriendlyName .
cLHotspotOsuProviderFriendlyNameDescription .
cLHotspotOsuProviderIconTable .
cLHotspotOsuProviderIconEntry .
cLHotspotOsuProviderIconFileName .
cLHotspotOsuProviderIconRowStatus .
cLHotspotOperatingClassTable .
cLHotspotOperatingClassEntry .
cLHotspotOperatingClassId .
cLHotspotOperatingClassRowStatus .
cLHotspotIconTable .
cLHotspotIconEntry .
cLHotspotIconFileName .
cLHotspotIconRowStatus .
cLHotspotIconPath .
cLHotspotIconType .
cLHotspotIconLanguage .
cLHotspotIconWidth .
cLHotspotIconHeight .
cLHotspotVenueNameTable .
cLHotspotVenueNameEntry .
cLHotspotVenueNameLanguage .
cLHotspotVenueNameRowStatus .
cLHotspotVenueNameDescription .
cLHotspotVenueNameUrl .
cLHotspotNetworkAuthTable .
cLHotspotNetworkAuthEntry .
cLHotspotNetworkAuthType .
cLHotspotNetworkAuthRowStatus .
cLHotspotNetworkAuthUrl .
cLHotspotRoamingOITable .
cLHotspotRoamingOIEntry .
cLHotspotRoamingOI .
cLHotspotRoamingOIRowStatus .
cLHotspotRoamingOIIsBeacon .
cLHotspotDomainNameTable .
cLHotspotDomainNameEntry .
cLHotspotDomainName .
cLHotspotDomainNameRowStatus .
cLHotspot3gppTable .
cLHotspot3gppEntry .
cLHotspot3gppNetworkCode .
cLHotspot3gppCountryCode .
cLHotspot3gppRowStatus .
cLHotspotRealmTable .
cLHotspotRealmEntry .
cLHotspotRealmName .
cLHotspotRealmRowStatus .
cLHotspotRealmEAPTable .
cLHotspotRealmEAPEntry .
cLHotspotRealmEAPMethod .
cLHotspotRealmEAPRowStatus .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthTable .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthEntry .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthMethod .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthRowStatus .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthInnerAuthEAPType .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthNonInnerAuthEAPType .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthCredentialType .
cLHotspotRealmEAPAuthTunneledEAPCredentialType .
cLHotspotConnectionCapabilityTable .
cLHotspotConnectionCapabilityEntry .
cLHotspotConnectionCapabilityProtocol .
cLHotspotConnectionCapabilityPort .
cLHotspotConnectionCapabilityRowStatus .
cLHotspotConnectionCapabilityStatus .
cLHotspotOperatorNameTable .
cLHotspotOperatorNameEntry .
cLHotspotOperatorNameLanguage .
cLHotspotOperatorNameRowStatus .
cLHotspotOperatorName .