This is the MIB Module for the Cisco Wireless Radio
        Point to Point experimental components.
        The following terms are used in the MIB definitions below.
        Radio Card: The line card that provides the wireless 
           communication features.
        Radio Link: The bi-directional wireless link that exists 
           between two communicating radio cards.
        Radio PHY:  Represents the transmission characteristics of the 
           Radio Link.
        RF Unit:    The Radio Frequency components and the associated antennas.
        Radio System: Radio card and RF unit(s).
        Cisco Wireless Radio Experimental MIB Organization
        The Cisco Wireless Radio Experimental MIB provides the following
        management groups :
        When the draft-ietf-entmib-v2-03.txt gets finalized the Radio Frequency
        Group will be moved into that MIB.
        When the gets updated to include the image 
        capabilities, the Image Group will be migrated into that MIB.
        When the becomes available and supports the 
        functionality the LED group needs, the LED group will be 
        migrated into that.
        o.  Radio Frequency Resource Group
        This contains information about the Radio frequency
        transmission and reception resources available on the
        system. This group determines the portions of the
        radio spectrum at which the radio subsystem can
        This group in conjunction with the radio PHY group
        determine the acutal spectrum that gets used for
        o.  Image Group      
        This provides facilities to manage radio line card's
        firmware image file URL's in router's image repository.
        It also provides access to the image details.
        o.  LED Group        
        This group provides information about LEDs available
        on the line card.
        o.  Duplexor Group   
        This group provides information about the Duplexors
        installed in the RF resources.

Imported Objects

DateAndTime, DisplayStringSNMPv2-TC
ciscoWirelessExpMIB .
cwrRadioExpMibObjects .
cwrRadioFreqEntityGroup .
cwrRfEntityTable .
cwrRfEntityEntry .
cwrRfEntityIndex .
cwrRfSerialNumber .
cwrRfManfDate .
cwrRfVendorId .
cwrRfDuplexorIndex .
cwrRfSwRevision .
cwrRfAssemblyPartNumberClass .
cwrRfAssemblyPartNumberBase .
cwrRfAssemblyPartNumberVersion .
cwrRfBoardPartNumberClass .
cwrRfBoardPartNumberBase .
cwrRfBoardPartNumberVersion .
cwrRfBoardRevision .
cwrIntFreqEntityTable .
cwrIntFreqEntityEntry .
cwrIfAssemblyPartNumberClass .
cwrIfVendorId .
cwrIfSwRevision .
cwrIfAssemblyPartNumberBase .
cwrIfAssemblyPartNumberVersion .
cwrIfBoardPartNumberClass .
cwrIfBoardPartNumberBase .
cwrIfBoardPartNumberVersion .
cwrIfBoardRevision .
cwrIfSerialNumber .
cwrIfManfDate .
cwrRadioImageGroup .
cwrImageTable .
cwrImageEntry .
cwrImageIndex .
cwrImageTag .
cwrImageOp .
cwrImageNameUrl .
cwrImageState .
cwrImageSize .
cwrImageChipClass .
cwrImageChipType .
cwrImageCapability1 .
cwrImageCapability2 .
cwrImageVersion .
cwrRadioLedGroup .
cwrLedTable .
cwrLedEntry .
cwrLedIndex .
cwrLedName .
cwrLedVerticalPosition .
cwrLedHorizontalPosition .
cwrLedMode .
cwrLedCurrentColor .
cwrRadioDuplexorGroup .
cwrDuplexorTable .
cwrDuplexorEntry .
cwrDuplexorIndex .
cwrDuplexorCiscoPartNumber .
cwrDuplexorLoPassbandRange .
cwrDuplexorHiPassbandRange .
cwrDuplexorReceivePassband .
cwrDuplexorCLEICode .
cwrDuplexorVendorName .
cwrDuplexorSerialNumber .
cwrRadioExpConformance .
cwrRadioExpCompliances .
cwrRadioExpGroups .