This MIB is intended to be implemented on all Cisco
network entities that provide Wireless Domain Services
(WDS). The WDS provides a control mechanism for
wireless devices that roam between Access Points
residing on different layer 3 subnets. When WDS is in
the Wireless LAN Services Module(WLSM), the access
points providing Layer 3 mobility must register with
the WDS before wireless devices are given access to the
mobility network. The location of the WDS is specified
in each Access Point along with LEAP device credentials
that are required for authentication with the WDS. Once
the Access Point and the Mobile Node are authenticated
with the WDS, those are considered registered.

This MIB reports the information about the Wireless
Domain Servers, Access Points, Mobile Nodes, and their
roaming patterns.


Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

Access Point (AP)

An entity that contains an 802.11 medium access
control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) interface
and provides access to the distribution services via
the wireless medium for associated devices.


Basic Service Set Identification, where the basic
service set is defined as the set of data transfer
rates that all the stations in a BSS will be capable
of using to receive frames from the wireless medium.


Cisco Central Key Management.


The mobility context for a Mobile Node includes its
current mobility bindings with the Access Points,
IP/802 address bindings, cached configuration
parameters, QoS state, IP group membership,
authentication state, accounting  statistics, and
other dynamically derived protocol state information.


Extensible Authentication Protocol.

Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

Cisco Hot Standby Router Protocol as defined in RFC2281


Layer-3 Mobility Manager (L3MM) is a new software
entity residing on Central Switch (CS). L3MM maintains
the mobility database and manages mGRE tunnels and
tunnel paths to provide L3 Mobility for wireless

Layer 3 Mobility Control Protocol (LCP)

A simple protocol to exchange control message between
WDS and L3MM to achieve layer 3 seamless mobility for
wireless devices.

mGRE Tunnels

Multipoint Generic Routing Encapsulation tunnels. This
tunnel is used to tunnel wireless traffic and used to
transfer wireless traffic between AP and CS.


Message Integrity Check.  A MIC can, optionally,
be added to WEP-encrypted 802.11 frames.

Mobile Node (MN)

A roaming 802.11 wireless device in a wireless
network associated with an Access Point.


Service Set Identification, where the station service
is defined as the set of services that support
transport of medium access control (MAC) service data
units (MSDUs) between stations within a basic service


WPA Temporal Key encryption.

Wireless Domain Services (WDS)

The set of services being offered at a particular
broadcast domain that may be an IP subnet or a
particular VLAN, or across the L3 cloud.  The services
include the following.
1. Fast Secure Roaming with CCKM.
2. Layer 3 seamless mobility.
3. Radio Management aggregation for 802.11 wireless
   clients .

WDS Entity

The logical entity that resides in an infrastructure
node and offers WDS to the descendants of that
infrastructure node in the wireless services


Wired Equivalent Privacy. This is generally used
to refer to 802.11 legacy encryption.


Wireless LAN Services Module

Wireless Network Manager (WNM)

The network management system that manages the
entire hierarchy of devices providing WDS.


WiFi Protected Access.

Imported Objects

CDot11SecAuthKeyMgmtType, CDot11SsidStringCISCO-DOT11-SSID-SECURITY-MIB
InetAddress, InetAddressTypeINET-ADDRESS-MIB
DateAndTime, TEXTUAL-CONVENTION, TimeStamp, MacAddressSNMPv2-TC
ciscoWdsInfoMIBNotifs .
cwdsiLcpStatusChange .
cwdsiHsrpStateChange .
ciscoWdsInfoMIBObjects .
ciscoWdsInfoMacAuthCache .
cwdsiMacAuthCacheTable .
cwdsiMacAuthCacheEntry .
cwdsiMacAuthCacheMacAddr .
cwdsiMacAuthCacheAge .
ciscoWdsInfoAccessPoint .
cwdsiApTable .
cwdsiApEntry .
cwdsiApMacAddr .
cwdsiApNeighborPortName .
cwdsiApAddrType .
cwdsiApAddr .
cwdsiApName .
cwdsiApState .
cwdsiApLifeTime .
cwdsiApNeighborAddrType .
cwdsiApNeighborAddr .
cwdsiApNeighborName .
ciscoWdsInfoMobileNode .
cwdsiMnTable .
cwdsiMnEntry .
cwdsiMnMacAddr .
cwdsiMnBssid .
cwdsiMnVlan .
cwdsiMnKeyMgmt .
cwdsiMnAuthType .
cwdsiMnUptime .
cwdsiMnLifetime .
cwdsiMnAddrType .
cwdsiMnAddr .
cwdsiMnApMacAddr .
cwdsiMnApAddrType .
cwdsiMnApAddr .
cwdsiMnMobilityNetworkId .
cwdsiMnState .
cwdsiMnSsid .
ciscoWdsInfoNetworkManager .
cwdsiWnmTable .
cwdsiWnmEntry .
cwdsiWnmAddrType .
cwdsiWnmDropMicTxMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmDropUmdTxMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmIndicatedMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmRxMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmDropRxMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmDiscontinuityTime .
cwdsiWnmAddr .
cwdsiWnmState .
cwdsiWnmLinkStatus .
cwdsiWnmClientTracking .
cwdsiWnmReqMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmSentMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmRetryTxMsgCount .
cwdsiWnmWaitingAckMsgCount .
ciscoWdsInfoStatistics .
cwdsiApNum .
cwdsiMscMismatchCount .
cwdsiKscFailureCount .
cwdsiMicFailureCount .
cwdsiRnMismatchCount .
cwdsiMnNum .
cwdsiAaaAuthAttemptCount .
cwdsiAaaAuthSuccessCount .
cwdsiAaaAuthFailureCount .
cwdsiMacSpoofingBlockCount .
cwdsiRoamsWithoutAaaAuthCount .
cwdsiRoamsWithFullAaaAuthCount .
cwdsiRoamsFastSecuredCount .
ciscoWdsInfoMobility .
cwdsiLcpStatus .
cwdsiCsMgmtAddrType .
cwdsiCsMgmtAddr .
cwdsiWdsAddrType .
cwdsiWdsAddr .
cwdsiWdsHsrpVirtualAddrType .
cwdsiWdsHsrpVirtualAddr .
cwdsiHsrpState .
cwdsiMobilityGroupTable .
cwdsiMobilityGroupEntry .
cwdsiMobilityGrpNetworkId .
cwdsiMobilityGrpTunnelAddrType .
cwdsiMobilityGrpTunnelAddr .
cwdsiMobilityGrpTunnelMtu .
cwdsiMobilityGrpFlags .
cwdsiMobilityGrpMnNum .
ciscoWdsInfoRoamStatistics .
cwdsiRoamStatsStartTime .
cwdsiRoamStatsAvgFiveSeconds .
cwdsiRoamStatsAvgOneMinute .
cwdsiRoamStatsAvgFiveMinutes .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsTable .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsEntry .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsNetworkId .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsTotal .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsNoAuthAaa .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsAuthAaa .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsFastSecured .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsFiveSeconds .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsOneMinute .
cwdsiRoamMblGrpStatsFiveMinutes .
ciscoWdsInfoMIBConform .
ciscoWdsInfoMIBCompliances .
ciscoWdsInfoMIBGroups .