The MIB module to manage resource partition objects. A resource
partition is configured on a virtual interface (ifType value
atmVirtual(149)) or atm interface (ifType value atm(37)). 
An administrator can partition connection related resources like
VPI, VCI ranges, bandwidth and total amount of available connection
entries in the switch through these MIB tables.

Terminolgies used:
VSI       - Virtual Switch Interface, a hardware-independent switch
    control protocol. This allows a Switch to be
    controlled by a multiple controllers such as PNNI, MPLS.
    These control planes can be internal or external to the
    switch.The VSI interface defines the messages and associated
    functions which allow communication between the controller
    and the switch.This interface is expected to support all
    types of connections (voice,data,frame relay,ATM) for PVCs,
    SPVCs and SVCs.

VSI Master - software component which requests connections and
     receives switch generic information. This controls one or
     more VSI Slaves. This may run on the switch or a dedicated
     controller platform. This is the master module.It performs
     the interface to the higher layer networking software and
     handles all VSI related functions.

Controller - Software ( and possibly hardware) which manages
     topology and network resources and performs VSI Master
     function.  This performs source routing for end-to-end SVCs,
     including general call acceptance GCAC,setup calls with other
     PNNI and MPLS are examples of controllers.

ILMI       - Integrated Local Management Interface (ILMI). An ATM
     Forum defined, SNMP-based management protocol for an ATM UNI.
     It provides interface status and configuration information,
     and also supports dynamic ATM address registration.

CAC - Call Admission Control (CAC). When a new call coming to the
      gateway, a process checks the availability of the resources 
      involved in the connection establishment before the gateway
      sets up the call.

ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).
PNNI - Private Network to Network Interface (PNNI).
MPLS - MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS).
GCAC - Generic Connection Admittance Control (GCAC).
PVC - Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC).
SVC - Switched Virtual Circuits (SVC).
SPVC - Soft Permanent Virtual Circuits (SPVC).
VPI - Virtual Path Identifier (VPI).
VCI - Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCI).

Imported Objects

TruthValue, RowStatusSNMPv2-TC
ciscoWANRsrcPartMIBObjects .
cwRsrcPartConfGrp .
cwRsrcPartConfTable .
cwRsrcPartConfEntry .
cwRsrcPartID .
cwRsrcPartIngPctBwAvail .
cwRsrcPartVpiLo .
cwRsrcPartVpiHigh .
cwRsrcPartVciLo .
cwRsrcPartVciHigh .
cwRsrcPartGuarCon .
cwRsrcPartMaxCon .
cwRsrcPartUsedCon .
cwRsrcPartAvailCon .
cwRsrcPartRowStatus .
cwRsrcPartController .
cwRsrcPartEgrGuarPctBwConf .
cwRsrcPartEgrMaxPctBwConf .
cwRsrcPartIngGuarPctBwConf .
cwRsrcPartIngMaxPctBwConf .
cwRsrcPartEgrPctBwUsed .
cwRsrcPartIngPctBwUsed .
cwRsrcPartEgrPctBwAvail .
cwRsrcPartIlmiTable .
cwRsrcPartIlmiEntry .
cwRsrcPartIlmiEnabled .
cwRsrcPartSignallingVpi .
cwRsrcPartSignallingVci .
cwRsrcPartIlmiTrapEnable .
cwRsrcPartIlmiEstablishConPollIntvl .
cwRsrcPartIlmiCheckConPollIntvl .
cwRsrcPartIlmiConPollInactFactor .
cwRsrcPartCtlrConfTable .
cwRsrcPartCtlrConfEntry .
cwRsrcPartCtlrController .
cwRsrcPartCtlrRowStatus .
cwRsrcSvcAggrGrp .
cwRsrcSvcAggregateTable .
cwRsrcSvcAggregateEntry .
cwRsrcSvcAggrVpiLow .
cwRsrcSvcAggrVpiHigh .
cwRsrcSvcAggrEgrPctBw .
cwRsrcSvcAggrIngPctBw .
cwRsrcSvcAggrChanVADTolerance .
cwRsrcSvcAggrChanVADDutyCycle .
cwRsrcSvcAggrRowStatus .
cwRsrcPartMIBConformance .
cwRsrcPartMIBCompliances .
cwRsrcPartMIBGroups .