The MIB module to configure LMI and CLLM
on a frame relay ports. This mib module also
contains objects to represent LMI and CLLM
statistics information. The frame relay logical
port is referred to as 'frame relay port' in this
mib. The 'logical port' refers to frame relay

LMI  : Local Management Interface.
    The Frame Relay LMI is a set of enhancements to
    the basic Frame Relay Specification. The Key
    Frame Relay LMI extensions include global addressing,
    virtual circuit status messages and multicasting.
    The LMI includes support for a keepalive mechanism,
    which verifies that data is flowing, and a status
    mechanism, which provides an on-going status report
    on the DLCIs known to the switch.

    The LMI Global Addressing extension gives Frame Relay
    DLCI values global rather than local significance.
    The global addressing extension adds functionality
    and manageability to Frame Relay internetworks.

    The LMI virtual circuit messages provide communication
    and synchronization between Frame Relay DTE and
    DCE devices. These messages are periodically report
    on the status of PVCs, which prevents data from being
    sent into black holes(that, over PVCs that no longer
    LMI UNI signaling enables subscribers to find out
    about the PVC status of the network, thus inhibiting
    the use of an unavailable PVC and supplies procedures
    for detecting and modifying following events:
        * deletion of a PVC
        * addition of a PVC
        * availability of a configured PVC
        * unavailability of a configured PVC
        * error due to LMI message sequencing

ELMI : Enhanced LMI
       ELMI allows the router to learn QoS(Quality of
       Service) parameters from the switch and use them
       for traffic shaping, configuration or management

CLLM : Consolidated Link Layer Management.
    The CLLM is an out-of-band mechanism to transport
    congestion-related information to the far end.
    The CLLM enables the Frame Relay network to more
    efficiently relay congestion notifications to the DTE(router).
    The CLLM congestion notification is sent on the reserved
    data link connection identifier(DLCI) 1023.

Frame Forwarding Port: Frame Forwarding Ports are identified
by portType = frame-forward(3). The signaling parameters
are not applicable to these ports.

Imported Objects

frPortCnfSig, frPortCntSigBASIS-MIB
frPortCnfSigLMIGrp .
frPortCnfSigLMIGrpTable .
frPortCnfSigLMIGrpEntry .
lmiCnfPortNum .
portFRF1Dot2Support .
portLmiSigConfMethod .
signallingProtocolType .
asynchronousUpdates .
t391LinkIntegrityTimer .
t392PollingVerificationTimer .
n391FullStatusPollingCounter .
n392ErrorThreshold .
n393MonitoredEventCount .
enhancedLmi .
frPortCnfSigCLLMGrp .
frPortCnfSigCLLMGrpTable .
frPortCnfSigCLLMGrpEntry .
cllmCnfPortNum .
cllmEnable .
xmtCLLMStatusTimer .
rcvCLLMStatusTimer .
frPortCntSigLMIGrp .
frPortCntSigLMIGrpTable .
frPortCntSigLMIGrpEntry .
lmiSigPortNum .
rcvAsynchUpdate .
rcvNNISeqMismatch .
nniSignalingTimeout .
rcvStatusInquiry .
rcvInvalidRequest .
rcvUNISeqMismatch .
xmtStatus .
xmtAsynchUpdate .
uniSignalingTimeout .
xmtStatusInquiry .
rcvStatus .
frPortCntSigCLLMGrp .
frPortCntSigCLLMGrpTable .
frPortCntSigCLLMGrpEntry .
cllmSigPortNum .
rcvFramesCLLM .
rcvBytesCLLM .
xmtFramesCLLM .
xmtBytesCLLM .
cllmFailures .
cwfSignalingMIBConformance .
cwfSignalingMIBGroups .
cwfSignalingMIBCompliances .