The MIB module to create/configure frame relay 
ports/interfaces. This module contains tables related to
frame relay port states and statistics.
The frame relay logical port is referred to as
'frame relay port' in this mib. 

Terminologies Used:

Channel : Generically refers to the user access channel
         across which frame relay data travels. This
         is also referred to use logical port/interface
         in this MIB.

         Within a given T1 or E1 physical line, a channel
         can be one of the following, depending on how the
         line is configured.

       Unchannelized :
          The Entire T1/E1 line is considered a channel, where:
           * The T1 line operates at the speed of 1.536 Mbps and
             is single channel consisting of 24 T1 time slots.

           * The E1 line operates at the speed of 1.984 Mbps and
             is single channel consisting of 31 T1 time slots.
          The channel is any one of the N time slots within a 
          given line, where:
           * The T1 line consists of any one or more channels.
             Each channel is any one of 24 time slots.

           * The E1 line consists of one or more channels.
             Each channel is any one of 31 time slots.
          The T1/E1 channel is one of the following groupings of
          consecutively or nonconsecutively assigned time slots:
           * N T1 time slots(N*56/64Kbps where N=1-23 T1 Time slots
             per FT1 channel. 
           * N E1 time slots(N*64Kbps where N=1-30 Time slots
             per E1: channel. 

SVC     :  Switched Virtual Circuits.
          SVCs allow access through a Frame Relay 
          Network by setting up a path to the destination
          endpoints only when the need arises and
          tearing down the path when it is no longer

          Refer ITU Q.933 and Q.922

FECN   :  Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
         A bit set by a frame relay network to notify an
         interface device(DTE) that congestion avoidance
         procedures should be initiated by the receiving
BECN   :  Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
         A bit set by a frame relay network to notify an
         interface device(DTE) that congestion avoidance
         procedures should be initiated by the sending
DE     :  Discard Eligibility
         A user-bit set indicating that a frame may be 
         discarded in preference to other frames if
         congestion occurs, to maintain the committed
         quality of service within the network. Frames
         with the DE bit set are considered Be(Excess 
         Burst Size)excess data.

Unchannelized Service Modules: 
   Following Service Modules does not support channelized 
   interfaces(i.e supports only unchannelized).

For following service modules, ifTable is supported:

Imported Objects

frPort, frPortCnf, frPortCnt, frPortServiceQueGrpBASIS-MIB
frPortCnfPortGrp .
frPortCnfPortGrpTable .
frPortCnfPortGrpEntry .
portNum .
portType .
portSvcStatus .
portSvcInUse .
portSvcShareLcn .
portSvcLcnLow .
portSvcLcnHigh .
portSvcDlciLow .
portSvcDlciHigh .
portDeleteSvcs .
portIngrSvcBandW .
portLineNum .
portEgrSvcBandW .
portBERTEnable .
portEnhancedSIW .
portM32EgrQueueThresh .
portHeaderLen .
portFrameChkSumType .
portFileId .
portOverSubEnable .
portRowStatus .
portDs0ConfigBitMap .
portDs0Speed .
portFlagsBetweenFrames .
portEqueueServiceRatio .
portSpeed .
portAdmin .
portsUsedLine8 .
frPortsUsedLineGrpTable .
frPortsUsedLineGrpEntry .
frPortsUsedLineIndex .
frPortsUsedLine .
portsUsedLine1 .
portsUsedLine2 .
portsUsedLine3 .
portsUsedLine4 .
portNextAvailable .
portsUsedLine5 .
portsUsedLine6 .
portsUsedLine7 .
frPortServiceQueGrpTable .
frPortServiceQueGrpEntry .
frServPortNum .
portServiceQueueNo .
portEgresQDepth .
portEgresECNThresh .
portEgresDEThresh .
portQBwInc .
portBytesDiscXceedQueFull .
portBytesDiscXceedDEThresh .
frPortCntPortGrp .
frPortCntPortGrpTable .
frPortCntPortGrpEntry .
cntPortNum .
rcvFramesDiscIllegalHeader .
rcvFramesAbort .
rcvFramesUnknownDLCI .
rcvLastUnknownDLCI .
rcvPortFramesTaggedFECN .
rcvPortFramesTaggedBECN .
rcvPortFramesTaggedDE .
rcvPortFramesDiscXceedDEThresh .
rcvPortKbpsAIR .
rcvBufNotAvailable .
rcvPortFrames .
xmtPortFrames .
xmtPortBytes .
xmtPortFramesFECN .
xmtPortFramesBECN .
xmtPortFramesDiscXceedQDepth .
xmtPortBytesDiscXceedQDepth .
xmtPortFramesDuringLMIAlarm .
xmtPortBytesDuringLMIAlarm .
xmtFramesAbort .
xmtFramesUnderrun .
rcvPortBytes .
xmtPortKbpsAIR .
xmtBufNotAvailable .
portClrButton .
rcvFramesDiscNoChan .
rcvFramesDiscOverrun .
rcvPortFramesDiscard .
xmtPortFramesDE .
xmtPortBytesDE .
rcvPortBytesDE .
xmtPortFramesDiscXceedDEThresh .
rcvPortFramesDE .
xmtPortBytesDiscXceedDEThresh .
rcvPortBytesDiscXceedDEThresh .
rcvPortFramesFECN .
rcvPortFramesBECN .
rcvFramesDiscCRCError .
rcvFramesDiscAlignmentError .
rcvFramesDiscIllegalLen .
frPortStateGrp .
frPortStateGrpTable .
frPortStateGrpEntry .
statePortNum .
portState .
portSignallingState .
portOversubscribed .
portIngrPercentUtil .
portEgrPercentUtil .
ciscoWanFrPortMIBConformance .
ciscoWanFrPortMIBGroups .
ciscoWanFrPortMIBCompliances .