The MIB module to configure the Frame Relay
        connection configuration.
        Terminologies Used:
            SIW - Frame-Relay-to ATM Service Interworking.
                  In SIW, the ATM port connected to a frame
                  relay port does not need to be aware that
                  it is connected to an interworking function.
                  This is explained in document FRF.8.
            NIW - Frame-Relay-to ATM Network Interworking.
                  In NIW, the ATM port connected to a frame
                  relay port does need to be aware that
                  it is connected to an interworking function.
            PVC - Permanent Virtual Circuit OR
                  Permanent Virtual Connection
                  A frame relay logical link, whose endpoints
                  and class of service are defined by network
                  management. A PVC consists of the originating
                  frame relay network element address, originating
                  DLCI, terminating frame relay network element
                  address and terminating DLCI.
                  This is controlled by PAR(Portable Auto Route)
            SPVC - Soft Permanent Virtual Circuits.
                   This is a PVC controlled by PNNI Controller.
            Frame Relay PVC/SPVC end-point/Channel is referred to as 
            frame Relay connection in this MIB.
            Traffic shaping parameters:
                CIR, EIR, Bc, Be, DE, Tc, AR corresponding to
                rate of the physical interface.
            CIR - Committed Information Rate.
                  This is the rate of traffic that the PVC
                  will support as 'comitted' traffic.
                  The committed rate(in bits per second) at which
                  the ingress access interface trunk interfaces,
                  and egress access interface of a frame relay
                  network transfer information to the destination
                  frame relay end system under normal conditions.
                  The rate is averaged over a minimum time interval
            AR  - Access Rate
                  The maximum number of bits per second that an end
                  station can transmit into the network is
                  bounded by the acess rate of the user-network
                  interface. The line speed of the user network
                  connection limits the access rate.
            Bc  - Committed Burst Size
                  The maximum amount of data(in bits) that the
                  network agrees to transfer, under normal conditions
                  during a time interval Tc.
                  The data is in bytes in the current implementation.
            Be  - Excess Burst Size
                  The maximum amount of uncommitted data(in bits)
                  in excess of BC that a frame relay network can
                  attempt to deliver during a time interval Tc.
                  This data generally is delivered with a low
                  probability than Bc. The network treats Be
                  data as discard eligible.
                  The data is in bytes in the current implementation.
            Tc  - The committed rate measurement interval.
                  The time interval during which the user can send
                  only BC committed amount of data and BE excess
                  amount of data.
            EIR - Excess Information Rate
                  This is the bandwidth in excess of CIR
                  the PVC will be allowed to burst on a 
                  a given PVC.
                  The average rate at which excess traffic is
                  to be policed. This number is computed based
                  on Bc, Be, CIR and Tc.
            DE  - Discard Eligibility
            Frame Forwarding Port: Frame Forwarding Ports are identified
            by portType = frame-forward(3). 
            NOTE: The objects related to frame relay ports are
                  available in ifTable,if ifTable is implemented
                  in service module/card.
            Following Service Modules support ifTable:

Imported Objects

frChan, frameRelayBASIS-MIB
frChanCnfGrp .
frChanCnfGrpTable .
frChanCnfGrpEntry .
chanNum .
egressQDEThresh .
egressQECNThresh .
deTaggingEnable .
cir .
bc .
be .
ibs .
foreSightEnable .
qir .
mir .
chanRowStatus .
pir .
chanLocRmtLpbkState .
chanTestType .
chanTestState .
chanRTDResult .
chanType .
chanFECNconfig .
chanDEtoCLPmap .
chanCLPtoDEmap .
chanIngrPercentUtil .
chanPortNum .
chanEgrPercentUtil .
chanEgrSrvRate .
chanOvrSubOvrRide .
chanFrConnType .
frCDRNumber .
frLocalVpi .
frLocalVci .
frLocalNSAP .
frRemoteVpi .
frRemoteVci .
dLCI .
frRemoteNSAP .
frMastership .
frVpcFlag .
frConnServiceType .
frRoutingPriority .
frMaxCost .
frRestrictTrunkType .
frConnPCR .
frConnRemotePCR .
frConnMCR .
egressQSelect .
frConnRemoteMCR .
frConnPercentUtil .
frConnRemotePercentUtil .
frConnForeSightEnable .
frConnFGCRAEnable .
chanServType .
chanServiceRateOverride .
chanServiceRate .
zeroCirConEir .
chanReroute .
ingressQDepth .
frConnSCR .
frConnRemoteSCR .
frConnTemplateId .
frConnAdminStatus .
frChanCnfChangeCount .
frChanCnfIgnoreIncomingDE .
frChanOamCCEnable .
frChanStatsEnable .
frChanLocalLpbkEnable .
frChanUpcEnable .
ingressQECNThresh .
frChanSlaveType .
frConnRemoteMBS .
frChanPrefRouteId .
frChanDirectRoute .
ingressQDEThresh .
egressQDepth .
chanNumNextAvailable .
frstdABRCnfGrpTable .
frstdABRCnfGrpEntry .
frstdABRcnfChanNum .
frstdABRICR .
frstdABRMCR .
frstdABRPCR .
frstdABRTBE .
frstdABRFRTT .
frstdABRRDF .
frstdABRRIF .
frstdABRNrm .
frstdABRTrm .
frstdABRCDF .
frstdABRADTF .
frChanStateGrp .
frChanStateGrpTable .
frChanStateGrpEntry .
stateChanNum .
chanState .
xmtAbitState .
rcvAbitState .
xmtATMState .
rcvATMState .
chanStatusBitMap .
frEndPtMapGrp .
frEndPtMapGrpTable .
frEndPtMapGrpEntry .
endPortNum .
endDLCI .
endChanNum .
endLineNum .
ciscoWanFrConnMIB .
ciscoWanFrConnMIBConformance .
ciscoWanFrConnMIBGroups .
ciscoWanFrConnMIBCompliances .