This MIB module contains ATM Connection related
        real time statistical counter objects. The ATM
        connections are applicable to PXM1 service module.
        in MGX82xx products.
        Logical Channel refers to ATM Connection(or connection
        end point).
        Terminologies used:
            broadband interface - Logical port on PXM1.
            SCR  - Sustained Cell Rate
            BT   - Burst Tolerance
            PCR  - Peak Cell Rate
            CDVT - Cell Delay Transfer Variance Tolerance
        	    GCRA - The Generic Cell Rate Algorithm(GCRA) is used to
        	           define comformance with repect to the traffic
        	           contract. For each cell arrival, the GCRA determines
        		   whether the cell conforms to the traffic contract
        		   of the connection.
            GCRA1 - GCRA  Bucket 1. For CBR and UBR connections, only
                    GCRA-1 is needed to check for PCR, CDVT Conformance.
            GCRA2 - GCRA  Bucket 2. For VBR and ABR Connections, GCRA-1
                    is needed to check for PCR, CDVT conformance and
                    GCRA-2 for SCR, BT Conformance.
            EFCI - Explicit Forward Congestion Indication.
            QE    - Queue Engine(QE).
                    This ASIC Provides the traffic management functions
                    related to VC queues, QoS queues and interface
                    queues. This management function is performed
                    for both directions of traffic(ingress, egress).
            ingress - ingress traffic is defined as data flowing
                      toward the switch fabric. Ingress data can come
                      from either the Service Modules through the 
                      backplane or the PXM1 Uplink back card.
            egress  - Egress traffic is defined as data flowing
                      away from the switch fabric.

Imported Objects

bbChanCntGrpTable .
bbChanCntGrpEntry .
bbChanCntNum .
bbChanXmtClp0Cells .
bbChanXmtClp1Cells .
bbChanDscdClpZeroCellsToPort .
bbChanDscdClpOneCellsToPort .
bbChanCntClrButton .
bbChanRcvClp0Cells .
bbChanRcvClp1Cells .
bbChanNonConformCellsAtGcra1Policer .
bbChanNonConformCellsAtGcra2Policer .
bbChanRcvEOFCells .
bbChanDscdClp0Cells .
bbChanDscdClp1Cells .
bbChanRcvCellsSent .
ciscoWanBbifAtmConnStatMIB .
cwbAtmConnStatMIBConformance .
cwbAtmConnStatMIBGroups .
cwbAtmConnStatMIBCompliances .