The MIB to manage CoS(Class of Service) queue/buffer 
        related parameters. 
        One or more virtual interfaces may exist on a physical 
        interface  or a channelized interface. Every virtual 
        interface has certain number (e.g. 16) of CoS queues. 
        These queues are also known as Class Of Service Buffers. 
        Every COS queue maps to an ATM trafiic type such as CBR, 
        VBR-rt, ABR etc. These COS queues are used to provide 
        QOS (quality of service), depending on the corresponding
        ATM trafiic  type.  This MIB provides management 
        functionality such as Threshold Crossing Alarms(TCA) for
        cell discards and interval statistics for these COS 

Imported Objects

MODULE-IDENTITY, OBJECT-TYPE, Counter64, Integer32, Counter32SNMPv2-SMI
ciscoWanAtmCosbMIB .
ciscoWanAtmCosbMIBObjects .
cwacConfig .
cwacStatistics .
cwacStatsAlarmConfgTable .
cwacStatsAlarmConfgEntry .
cwacCosbIndex .
cwacCosbCurrentCellsDiscThres .
cwacStatsAlarmStatus .
cwacValidIntervals .
cwacIntervalTable .
cwacIntervalEntry .
cwacIntervalNumber .
cwacHCIntCellDeparts .
cwacIntCellArrivals .
cwacIntCellDiscards .
cwacIntCellDeparts .
cwacHighIntCellArrivals .
cwacHighIntCellDiscards .
cwacHighIntCellDeparts .
cwacHCIntCellArrivals .
cwacHCIntCellDiscards .
ciscoWanAtmCosbMIBConformance .
ciscoWanAtmCosbMIBCompliances .
ciscoWanAtmCosbMIBGroups .