This MIB is used for configuring/provisioning SPVCs on
        the ATM interfaces. This is used for ATM switch
        connection management.
        Terminologies used:
        GCRA - The Generic Cell Rate Algorithm(GCRA) is used to
               define comformance with repect to the traffic
               contract.For each cell arrival, the GCRA determines
               whether the cell conforms to the traffic contract
               of the connection.
        PCR  - The Peak Cell Rate(PCR) traffic parameter specifies
               an upper bound on the rate at which traffic can
               be submitted on an ATM connection.
        SCR  - Sustained Cell Rate.
        MBS  - Maximum Burst Size.
        MCR  - Minimum Cell Rate is the rate at which the source
               is always allowed to send.
        ACR  - Allowed Cell Rate is the current rate at which
               a source is allowed to send.
        RDF  - Rate Decrease Factor controls the decrease in the
               cell transmission rate
        CRM  - Missing RM-cell count. CRM limits the number of 
               forward RM-cells which may be sent in the absence
               of received backward RM-cells.
        CDF  - The Cutoff Decrease Factor controls the decrease
               in ACR assoicated with the CRM.              
        CDVT - Cell Delay Transfer Variation Tolerance
        CBR  - The Constant Bit Rate(CBR) service category is used
               by connections that request a static amount of 
               bandwidth that is continuously available during the 
               connection lifetime. This amount of bandwidth is
               characterized by a PCR value.
        rt-VBR - The real-time Variable Bit Rate(rt-VBR) service
               category is intended for real-time applications,
               i.e.,those requiring tightly constrainded delay
               and delay variation, as would be appropriate for
               voice and video applications.The rt-VBR connections
               are characterized in terms of a PCR, SCR and MBS.
        nrt-VBR - The non-real-time Variable Bit Rate(nrt-VBR)
               service category is intended for non-real-time
               applications which have bursty traffic 
               characteristics. The nrt-VBR is characterized
               in terms of a PCR,SCR and MBS.
        UBR  - The Unspecified Bit Rate(UBR) service category is
               intended for non-real-time applications,i.e.,those 
               not requiring tightly constrained delay and delay
               variation. The UBR service does not specify traffic
               related service gurantees. The UBR service is
               indicated by use of the Best Effort Indicator in
               ATM User Cell Rate Information element.
        ABR  - The Available Bit Rate(ABR) is an ATM layer 
               service category for which the limiting ATM layer
               transfer characteristics provided by the network
               may change subsequent to connection establishment.
        CAC  - The Connection Admission Control(CAC) function is
               defined as the set of actions taken by the network
               at SVC establishment or by network management during
               PVC establishment in order to determine whether
               a connection can be progressed or should be rejected.
        UPC  - Usage Parameter Control(UPC) is defined as the set
               of actions taken by the network to monitor and
               control traffic.

Imported Objects

ciscoWanAtmConnMIB .
cwConnMibObjects .
cwAtmChanCnfg .
cwAtmChanCnfgTable .
cwAtmChanCnfgEntry .
cwaChanVpi .
cwaChanLocalVci .
cwaChanLocalNSAPAddr .
cwaChanRemoteVpi .
cwaChanRemoteVci .
cwaChanRemoteNSAPAddr .
cwaChanControllerId .
cwaChanRoutingMastership .
cwaChanMaxCost .
cwaChanReroute .
cwaChanFrameDiscard .
cwaChanVci .
cwaChanOperStatus .
cwaChanPCR .
cwaChanMCR .
cwaChanSCR .
cwaChanCDV .
cwaChanCTD .
cwaChanMBS .
cwaChanCDVT .
cwaChanPercentUtil .
cwaChanRemotePCR .
cwaChanServiceCategory .
cwaChanRemoteMCR .
cwaChanRemoteSCR .
cwaChanRemoteCDV .
cwaChanRemoteCTD .
cwaChanRemoteMBS .
cwaChanRemoteCDVT deprecated.
cwaChanRemotePercentUtil .
cwaChanAbrICR .
cwaChanAbrADTF .
cwaChanAbrRDF .
cwaChanVpcFlag .
cwaChanAbrRIF .
cwaChanAbrNRM .
cwaChanAbrTRM .
cwaChanAbrCDF .
cwaChanAbrFRTT .
cwaChanAbrTBE .
cwaChanAbrERS deprecated.
cwaChanAbrVSVDEnable .
cwaChanRowStatus .
cwaChanIntAbrVSVD .
cwaChanIdentifier .
cwaChanExtAbrVSVD .
cwaChanAisIWCapability deprecated.
cwaChanCLR .
cwaChanRemoteCLR .
cwaChanOamSegEpEnable .
cwaChanSlaveType .
cwaChanRoutingPriority .
cwaChanP2MP .
cwaChanPrefRouteId .
cwaChanDirectRoute .
cwaChanUploadCounter .
cwaChanStatsEnable .
cwaChanCCEnable .
cwaChanLocalVpi .
cwAtmChanState .
cwAtmChanStateTable .
cwAtmChanStateEntry .
cwaChanAlarmState .
cwaChanEgressXmtState .
cwaChanEgressRcvState .
cwaChanIngressXmtState .
cwaChanIngressRcvState .
cwAtmChanTest .
cwAtmChanTestTable .
cwAtmChanTestEntry .
cwaChanTestType .
cwaChanTestDir .
cwaChanTestIterations .
cwaChanTestState .
cwaChanTestRoundTripDelay .
cwAtmChanInformation .
cwaChanNumVPCsInAlarm .
cwaChanNumVCCsInAlarm .
cwGlobalChanDataGroup .
cwGlobalChanDataTable .
cwGlobalChanDataEntry .
cwSlotIndex .
cwChanGlobalTransactionId .
ciscoWanAtmConnMIBConformance .
ciscoWanAtmConnMIBCompliances .
ciscoWanAtmConnMIBGroups .