This MIB module is used for configuring ATM Capable Switch 
to be aware of VSI Controller information.

Terminolgies used:

VSI       - Virtual Switch Interface, a hardware-independent switch 
            control protocol. This allows a Switch(node) to be 
		 controlled by a multiple controllers such as PNNI,LSC.
		 These control planes can be internal or external to the
	         switch.The VSI interface defines the messages and associated
	         functions which allow communication between the controller 
		 and the switch.This interface is expected to support all 
		 types of connections (voice,data,frame relay,ATM) for PVCs,
	         SPVCs and SVCs.

VSI Master - software component which requests connections and receives
             switch generic information. This controls one or more VSI 
             Slaves. This may run on the switch or a dedicated controller
		  platform. This is the master module.It performs the interface
	 	  to the higher layer networking software and handles all VSI
		  related functions.
VSI Slave - software component which converts generic connection
            requests into hardware specific requests and hardware 
		 specific information into generic information.
		 This runs on the switch.a A centralized slave has a single
		 point of control for making connections and controlling 
		 interfaces, while a distributed slave allows for multiple
		 slaves to coexist on the same switch.

Controller - Software ( and possibly hardware) which manages topology
             and network resources and performs VSI Master fucntion. 
		  This performs source routing for ent-to-end SVCs, including
		  general call acceptance GCAC,setup calls with other 
             PNNI and MPLS are examples for the Controller.

Controller Shelf - A controller shelf is a switch containing atleast
		   one VSI Controller which is controlling a different 
		   switch.It will also, typically, contain 'local' controllers
		   for itself.

Imported Objects

cvcMIBObjects .
cvcConfController .
cvcConfTable .
cvcConfEntry .
cvcConfControllerID .
cvcConfControllerType .
cvcConfControllerShelfLocation .
cvcConfControllerLocation .
cvcConfControllerName .
cvcConfVpi .
cvcConfVci .
cvcConfRowStatus .
cvcMIBConformance .
cvcMIBCompliances .
cvcMIBGroups .